Monday, April 11, 2005

Weekend Bliss

A quick rundown of what happened over the weekend.

- I got my new maid!! Yeah!! Thank god, the laundry basket was literally overflowing with clothes that needed to be ironed. Yes, I hate ironing. Hate it with all my might. I should put it in my Hate List.

How is she? Well, she’s young. But she has experience. She comes from Pontianak, that’s Kalimantan for you geographically challenged people. She seems rather timid, which is a virtue I hope stays with her. Better to have them timid and quiet, than loud and abrasive. So far, she’s doing ok. One thing for sure, she needs a totally new wardrobe. I’m talking NO MORE TIGHT JEANS and SKIMPY T-SHIRTS!! Hubby was flabbergasted!! He was like “Take her shopping tomorrow. Buy her some long pants!!” Yes, I am bringing her to Giant tonight.

- Bought Dina to her first wedding reception. Hamdi, you should be proud we choose your wedding as the testing ground. Anyway, the fact you guys had it in a hall with central air-conditioning helped also. Picture as below. I’m very happy because

1. I look great. Check out that smile!!
2. Food was nice.
3. Both kids looked cute & behaved like angels.

The Family at Hamdi's wedding. That's Maarof on the far right (ps: he's still single) Posted by Hello

This is what weekends are made for. Family outings. We should really get out of the house more often. Weather being so nice nowadays, perhaps next weekend we should go to the petting zoo. I know the kids would love that.

- It was my hubby’s birthday last Sunday. What did I get him?

Being the ultimate romantic, I bought him a loving present.


Hahahahahah..Oh man. I suck big time.

For those of you who don’t know, Smart Tag is a prepaid device that allows you to pass the toll gates without stopping. It’s mighty convenient to have when everyone else is queuing up at the cash lanes.

Hubby was very pleased. He said it made him feel like driving a Merc going through the Smart Tag lane. :D

Happy birthday Sayang.

Remember, it’s the thot that counts.



whattt... only one picture je ke?? takde gambar lain???

ohh... and happy 29th bday to ayam... said...

Eh, eh, mana ada orang beli smart tag as bday present. LOL! But maybe he will remember you at every toll gate.

Anonymous said...

a gret gift for your hubby. at least he can speed thru the toll booth while running away from you :D

orang pontianak? harum sundal malam? and your hubby doesn't wanna see tight jeans and tight tshirts? what have happened to the guy who used to be my room mate? dang..

Along said...

Noresh: ya lah..actually got another picture but the exact same as this one also. Pengantin very busylah, salam with all the Dato's and Datins..hehehehehe..

5xmom: Can see, I run out of ideas already. Actually what my hubby want is a new motorcycle..wah, lagi tadak duit to buy. So i told him, Smart Tag also can wei...

Joe, speed away from me? Hahaha, I am in the car alsolah..where can?
Eh, your roomie has bertaubat alreadylah.Hehehe, ko bile lagik?

Anonymous said...

err sis.. maybe for next yr u can buy him kasut kut..
is dat a 'selipar' dia sarung to a wedding reception? kelakar..

cysev3n said...

Smart tag? Good choice tho. At least he'll gonna use it. Hehehe. Well, he didnt buy me anything on my last birthday. He said, "I gave Amir to you already". Hmm. Gonna use the same ayat to him on his birthday nanti.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to your hubby...
aku plak nak suggest bday gift utk along...kalau ayam baca la ... reload touch n go until along's 30th bday..hehehe...

Ghostbird said...

Smart Tag?? Terrific idea!!

mama23beas said...

Smart tag is just a practical gift that every man would love to have (at least to my hubby). Anyway, just after reading your blog yesterday, we had some prob due to to 'convenience' that Rangkaian Segar has offered the entrance of a Highway, the machine did not detect our tag...we just thought we may have a prob. getting the access thru the next booth, when we reached it...we were allowed to pass but our balance in the TnG showed showed it was RM40 short. I was just furious but will make a complaint later. They should improve their service first before talking about promoting more people to use it...summore with a plan to sell a tag readily with a new car, konon macam Singapora...still upset but that probably deserve another blog!

Along said...

Bro, yeah..he wore slippers. I can't, for the life of me, get him to wear proper shoes. It's too hot, he would say.

Hazel, shouldn't it be YOU gave Amir to him instead of teh other way around? hehehehee..I used Dina as an anniversary present for my husband last year so can't reuse her again.

lin, aku takmo le t&g. Nak MPV boleh tak? hehe

Sexymama, thank you. Feel free to use my idea as b'day and/or anniversary presents for your hubby.:D

mama22beas..make complaint!! They already making so much money, lagi mau cilok like that. Make some noise, sista!! Hope you get your money back.