Monday, April 04, 2005

I want my New and Improved Credit Cards

This rant goes out to my bank that starts with an M and ends with a K.

Dear M*****K,

I am just one out of your million users. I understand, I may seem insignificant to you. The amount in my savings account does not warrant me any special treatment from you. It’s not as if I were to pull out all my money, your bank would collapse into bankruptcy and be forced to file Chapter 11. I have that much, or would I say, that little.

However as a paying customer I do expect some respect from you.

Please, don’t send me a letter asking me to pick up my “NEW AND IMPROVED CHIP BASED CREDIT CARDS” from your branch that is gazillions of miles away from my home and office.

Please don’t make my current credit cards with the STUPID MAGNETIC STRIPS unusable without any notice. It is embarrassing having to rummage through my purse searching for lose change to pay the girl cashier at Guardian RM4.60 for a box of Kotex pads that I DESPERATELY need, while having 5 other customers behind me, breathing down my neck.

Please do not just smile and shrug your shoulders when I finally drag myself to your branch and risk the chance of getting a ticket for double parking, only to find that my NEW AND IMPROVED CREDIT CARDS have been shipped back to the main branch.

Please offer an apology when I call up your customer service, tell you my dilema and ask to know where the hell are my NEW AND IMPROVED CREDIT CARDS?

Please don’t repeat the phrase “We’ll shipped them using Pos Laju (Express Post) soon. “ I wanna know when and I wanna know where to.

Please do not add anymore tension this working mother of two is already handling. She already has a zit the size of the watermelon on her forehead and she needs to look nice for weddings this coming weekend.


hazel said...

while i didnt receive any GiftPoints for every ringgit spent as promised! tho i've been complaining numerous times via email and their CSE, god knows how werent efficient they are!

noresh said...

along.. i've bought the FP's ride n stride for dina. the lady's kid only used it for 2 months. the wheels sket pun tak calar and everything is in excellent working order. it's only £2. no worries! it's my gift to dina and dania (if she still wants to ride it).

amoi said...

Hmm... tell me about it. I hate M*****K too. I think they're too over-rated and berlagak because they're the biggest bank in Msia but service-wise kaput!
I guess that's what being Malaysian is all about right? All talk but never deliver.

turtle said...

moi...apa blog kau??
hehe..seronot baca bebel bebelan along..hekhkehekeehhe

Twinsmom said...

this is what we hate right? can't live without it, but their service...urgh! but I'm glad that I cancel all the cards after stop working *phew*.

LinDa said...

I was asked to pick up my new CC in Skudai Johor.Later they transfered the card to Cyber branch. Luckily I have other CC as my back up.

Oh the other hand,i'm quite impressed when i applied my cheq. book online.After 3 working days, dah siap dah. Kire efficient jugak lah.

hanz said...

when I've changed my correspondence mail resulted lost my card statement. Lodged complain 3 times, baru dapat. Another thing, statement reached almost a week later after the payment due date. If not got online acc, how I'm suppose to know my outstanding balance? Sucks!

amoi said...

Woit turtle! Aku baru perasan kau ada post comment kat sini.

Aku tak pandai main blog ni...