Thursday, April 14, 2005

Protecting my Creative Rights

So I added a Creative Common License to my blog. Why? Because other people were doing it. Ahaks. Plus Everything I wrote here came from my heart and it would be such a shame (not forgetting bloody irritating) if people were to just copy paste stuff and place it in their website.

But maybe I’m just being paranoid. Or kes perasan.

Worse case scenario would be seeing my family’s pictures in some hostile website. Or *gasp* a porn site!!

Hahahahahaa...but it would make for interesting conversation.

Friend: So I was surfing the internet the other day
Me: Uhuh..
Friend: And I found this picture of you
Me: Interesting. Was it any good? Which site did you see this?
Friend: Errr, it was porn site. Apparently your body is so much like Teri Hatcher.
Me: Really? I would think I’m more like Jennifer Garner. By the way, how did you get access to the site? Don’t you have to pay to enter?
Friend: Huh..what’s that? Sorry, have to go. I’m late for Friday prayers.

Yeah, right. Highly unlikely.


Joe said...

Terri Hatcher or Jennifer Garner? more like kate moss in the early years, all skin and bones :D

Along said...

Hello!! I beg to differ. I'm a supermodal mom, not a skeleton ok?

You're one to talk, Joe. You need to work on those chicken legs of yours. :P