Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Little Bit More About Me...

As if I haven't bored you with enough facts about me and my family. I took this from MaryBishop and she took it from someone else (who took it from someone else, etc, etc, etc). So basically I'm adding on to this insane cycle.

Accent: Depnding to whom I’m talking to, can range from Manglish (malay +English) up to fake Australian Accent
Bra size: Not big enough
Chore I hate: Folding and ironing clothes.
Dad's name: Idris
Essential makeup: Loose powder and chap stick. Is Chapstick even considered make up?Favorite perfume: Anything hubby buys for me.
Gold or silver: Silver. You could give me stainless steel and I would be happy. I’m cheap, like that.
Hometown: Kuala Lumpur
Interesting Fact: My right eye is smaller than my left one.
Job Title: Ass manger...ops, Asst. Manager
Kids: Two and counting.
Living arrangements: House
Mom's birthplace: Rembau..I think.
Number of apples eaten last week: None. But I recently bought some.
Hospital stays: Two births, well three including my own. Two accidents and one food poisoning.
Phobias: Dogs. And transparent lizards.
Question you ask yourself a lot: Does my ass look big in this?
Religious affiliation: Islam.
Siblings: Three younger brothers.
Time I wake up: Depends on what day it is. Weekdays: 6-6.30am. Weekends: As late as noon.
Unnatural hair color: White? Yes, I have white hair *shrieks*
Natural hair color: Black. Though I am a Redhead at heart.
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Brocolli. Yuck!!
Worst habit: Procastinating but I’ve been to therapy (workshops and courses) for that.
X-rays: Quite a lot. Scanning your tummy during pregnancy counts, right?
Yummy food I make: Spegetti and Chicken Rice. I also used to make a freaking delicous cheesecake. Alas, I do not own an oven here.
Zodiac sign: Taurus all the way.
Secret: A relative of mine died of AIDS
Why not tell it all? Why should I? He’s dead, let’s just remember the good times.
Most adventurous feat: Skydiving & Rapid water rafting in Tennesse.


hazel said...

er, scanning tummy during pregnancy cant considered as x-rays kan. that one is ultrasound.