Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lost in Translation

My staff gave me this recipe booklet the other day, apparently from a restaurant of a famous Malaysian chef. I laughed until I cried when I read the recipe instructions, translated in Malay (in italics).

For example, step #2.
Place paper cases in muffin tins.
Kertas tempat kes-kes dalam muffin mengetinkan.

And step #6.
Spoon the mixture into the paper cases and bake for 25 min or so until well risen and just firm.
Mengaut campuran kepada kes-kes kertas dan membakar untuk 25 min atau supaya sehingga telaga naik dan sungguh tegas.
(well risen = telaga naik? Just firm = sungguh tegas? OMG!!)

Step #2.
Add the prawns, stir fry for 2 minutes and then add in the vegetables. Stir fry till cooked.
Menambah udang itu, goreng selama 2 minit dan kemudian campur semua sayur-sayuran itu. Mesin daftar tunai goreng dimasak.
(I had to rack my brain a bit but I finally figured out "till" = mesin daftar tunai. Sigh.)

And step #4.
Serve immediately garnished with the chives and chili strips.
Berkhidmat lantas dihias dengan kucai dan jalur-jalur cili.

Step #4.
Thread a few chicken pieces into the wooden skewers.
Benang kepingan-kepingan takut beberapa kepada pencucuk kayu itu.
(OMG...chicken = takut? Are you chicken??)

Step #6.
Alternatively, deep fry the satay and drain on absorbent paper.
Secara altenatif, anak ikan dalam sate dan parit pada kertas serap.
(Drain = parit...oh, the humanity!!)

Step #2.
Pound the first 9 ingredients and smear on the fish slices.
Menghentam dahulu 9 bahan-bahan dan mencemarkan pada ikan memotong.
(OK, by the time I was reading this part, I was laughing too hard and just trying to breathe.)

Step #2.
Add in the drained basmati rice and stir fry for 1 minute.
Ditambah masuk beras basmati sangat lemah dan goreng untuk 1 minit.
(Drained basmati rice = beras basmati sangat lemah. Mengapakahhhhhh!!!!)

Step #3.
Transfer to rice cooker, add water, milk, salt and colouring. Stir to combine well. Switch on rice cooker.
Pindah ke periuk nasi, menambah air, susu, garam dan pewarna. Kacau untuk bergabung baik. Memasang periuk nasi.

Ok..ok..I can't type anymore. I feel kind of bad for the chef who's name is associated with this recipe booklet, especially since his face is plastered on each page. This should serve as a lesson to all celebrities; please vet through everything that goes on in your business.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Taking Responsibility

Aritu aku ada baca blog sorang blogger terkenal ni. Dia cite pasal alkisahnya dia termengandung and terpaksa buat D&C sebab dia takmo lalui process mengandung tu lagi. Sebenarnya, dari entri2 dia yang lepas, memang aku dapat bayangkan agak seksa time dia ngandung...lama kena tahan kat hospital semua, sebab complication and everything. So aku tak salahkan dia kalau dia taknak lagi go through the experience anymore.

Yang aku tak berapa paham ialah kenapa lepas dah termengandung, dia takmo ambik apa2 precaution untuk tak mengandung lagi. Contohnya, diri aku sendiri la. Aku dah memang declare dah...lepas Daria aritu, aku dah stop production. I know my own mind and body, aku tau aku takkan dapat lalui process mengandung lagi without severe consequences. Lepas one month check up, aku soh doctor pasangkan IUD. Memang itu kaedah yang serasi ngan aku. Nak makan pil, En Rashid tak bagi. Nak pakai yang cucuk dalam tangan tu pun, En Rashid tak bagi. Semua benda2 chemical ni En Rashid gerun sket, walaupun bukan badan dia yang kena. OKla, aku anggap itu tanda dia prihatin ngan aku. Hehehe. Since condom pun is not an option (3 out 6 pregnancies aku berlaku even with condom in play!!), the only option left was to put in an IUD.

Memula aku cuak jugak, nak letak besi dalam anu. Ye ah...baca lak kat internet, memacam cerita pengalaman orang pakai IUD ni. Tapi lepas berbicang ngan doctor aku, dia pun suggest pakai IUD. Safe, easy to manage and I only need to come by one a year for check ups...just to make sure it stays in place. Alhamdullillah, so far, this methond has worked best for me. Aku tak pernah alami cramps ke, bleeding ke...time "bersama" tu pun, orait je..hehe.

So back to my question again. Kalau dah sure sangat2 taknak mengandung lagi, kenapa taknak cuba segala kaedah supaya perkara tu tak berlaku? Ini tak..bila dah termengandung, salahkan laki...padahal it takes two to make a baby. Plus, it's your body...should be your own responsibility. Kalau ko dah takmo ambik apa2 cara untuk mengelakkan dari ko mengandung, jangan la salahkan laki or takdir..and then go for D&C. Pada aku, itu sangat tak betul. Anak dalam perut tu rezeki...payah perit kita membawa, kalau mati, mati syahid. Bukan la aku nak menggalakkan si blogger tu ngandung just for the sake nak mati syahid...tapi perlu tengok dari kontex agama dengan lebih mendalam. Jangan ikut perasaan hati hanya berdasarkan pengalaman lepas. Kalau betul dah takmo mengandung lagi, then take proactive precautions to make sure it doesn't happen.

Aku bukan nak bang sesapa, tapi ini sebagai peringatan kepada semua orang, termasuk la diri aku sendiri. Banyak kali perkara yang tak diingini berlaku pada diri kita tapi kita cepat sangat nak salahkan orang lain, salahkan keadaan, salahkan takdir. Padahal, diri kita berkemampuan untuk mengelakkan perkara tak diingini itu berlaku.

Renung2kan...dan selamat beramal!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life Reminders

A few things happened this week that made me stop and give a long hard look at my life.

1. One of En Rashid's office mates passed away due to lung cancer on Wednesday. She was 38 years old; still young and had her whole life ahead of her. The sad part is that no one really knew she had cancer. The office found out only when she was hospitalized on Monday. They had planned for a doa selamat on that Wednesday but later found out she had passed on that morning.
I feel bad because I've been to En Rashid's office many times and I just can't place this person anywhere. En Rashid said I may not have noticed her since she was always on MC or had a doctor's checkup. Still I feel bad because apparently her seat is just opposite En Rashid's cubicle.
One thing I noticed though, in the workplace, the grieving period only lasts a day. If there are urgent matters at hand, then half a day. Then people go on with their lives and you become part of their distant memories. I'm pretty sure that's what would happen when it comes for me to go. So why do we spend so much time in a place that would forget us so easily than being with the ones that really care?

2. A friend of mine told me about her aunt who had passed away recently due to illness. The sad part was, throughout her hard life, she raised 9 children and her sick mom, only to be neglected in her own time of need. 9 children and not one took her in when she got sick! Even when she was hospitalized, the children did not come to visit her or help take her home when it was time to check out. When she passed away, she was alone. When she was found, it was not immediate.
The "best" part is that most, if not all, of her children are very religious. Some of them live abroad, learning and teaching about Islam. Youw ould think people who are so pious would know about the basic stuff, like taking care of your parents. According to my friend, apparently some people get to pick and choose which part of religion they want to follow. Selective memory.
I was so sad when I heard the news about my friend's aunts' passing. In a way, relieved because she no longer suffering but extremely angry at the way she had been treated by her children. I shudder at the thought that I may turn out like that if it comes to my own parents or PIL. I cry at the thought that my own children may toss me aside when I'm old.

Reminders of how short our life is. And how we should always strive to make the best of it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1st Day of Class

Had my 1st day of class tonight. Since today was the day I had clash schedules, I first went to my electives class to see if the lecturer would agree to change days. Not only did he refuse but he did so in such a kerek way. His statement "I can't please everyone so I might as well just please myself."

Bloody hell!! Who's paying who right now?? Aren't we the customer? Why are we suppose to follow your schedule? Plus what genius puts an elective class on the same day as a core class?

Pissed off, I left the classroom in a huff. Pi mampos la. And went to my core class. Which looks to be fun coz it's a lot of self study. Very the lepark. And most importantly...NO EXAMS!! Hahahhaha...I like. Oya, plus we ended class tonight at 8pm...muahahahha....nice, nice!

I have another elective class tomorrow. Hope this one goes better.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I knew I messed up my SM finals the day I stepped out of the exam hall. I was already NOT expecting an A, due to my pathetic marks for my weekly assignments.

However, I wasn't ready to see this.

Oh Em Jiiiii!!!



My first non-A grade and it's a B+. I was at least hoping for an A-.

But seriously, that was the toughest class yet. The professor was very strict and challenged us throughout the trimester. Granted though I learned a lot but it wasn't fun.

I'm suppose to have only one more trimester of classes then it's a case study as my dissertation. However, the Uni has totally messed up on the class schedules; all of the classes that I pre-registered for clash on the same day. Like WTH? Emails I've written to the dean and the lecturer have not been replied to. Yet.

Totally whack!!

We start classes next week so the bloody administrator better sort this out quick.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hari Blunder Sedunia

Itu la dia camne hari Rabu yang lepas untuk En Rashid. Aku nak ingatkan balik pun macam kesian tapi nak tulis jugak sebagai peringatan untuk dia...lain kali, dengar cakap bini!!

Aritu (lama dah...around a month ago), En Rashid ada bagi gesel pintu tank belah kanan. Ni semua gara2 sibuk dok betulkan aircon time tengah naik ramp parking. Berapa kali dah aku cakap, lain kali...masuk je kereta, tengok dulu apa yang patut betulkan...cermin ke, aircon ke, seat ke..pakai seatbelt, lepas tu baru start kete. Takmo dengar kan..selalu je aku sound dia, dah sampai hiway baru terkial2 nak pasang seatbelt time bawak kete 110km/hr. Tensen aku dibuatnya. Time dah berlaku pergeselan tu, aku diam je. Bebel pun no use. En Rashid tak berani nak cakap apa, kecuali "stupid, stupid" kat diri sendiri. Last2 aku cakap, takyah nak cakap diri tu stupid...lain kali, dengar je cakap bini. Heee.

So, last Wednesday, kitaorang bawak tank pi workshop time lunch. Takde le jauh pun, dekat2 airport subang tu. Sekali ada accident kat federal...nak 45 minutes jugak la baru sampai. Lepas drop offkan tank, kitaorang pun hala balik ke ofis. Sekali dah sampai tempat parking, En Rashid tanya aku..."mana orangnya laptop?"

Laaaaa...laptop tertinggal dalam tank plak!! Dah la lewat untuk meeting. Lepas habis meeting, En Rashid patah balik ke workhop naik myvi. 20 minit lepas tu, aku dapat BBM.

"Kete tersadai tepi hiway"
"Minyak habis"
"Hari blunder sedunia"

If the Universe wants to screw with us, it does it in a big way!

Actually, aku dah cakap dah ngan dia...isi minyak tu dulu, dah agak lama blinking. Sib baik la dapat call tow truck, dapat kena tow sampai petrol station.

Hmmm...itula, lain kali cuba dengar cakap bini!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Milestone...

I should have blogged about this when it happened but I guess I was still in some kind of denial.

Dania...has entered the realm of womenhood.

Auww, shucks!!

OK, Dania came her first period last week. She announced it very "matter of fact"ly and with no crying on her part. Unlike her mother, who felt like throwing herself on the floor, screaming "Why...why....why is my baby growing up so fast?!!"

She's nine. Nine, ok!!

Isn't this too soon?


Thursday, January 05, 2012


I overheard this song on the radio the other day. Blame it on my period but suddenly I felt so emotional, I ended up stopping the car at the side of the road because I couldn't stop crying.

It's been a long time but I guess some things stay with you forever. And eventhough it was never meant to be, some part of me is grateful to know that a long, long, long time ago....some one felt strongly enough about me to give me this song.

Angel - Jon Secada

I, I can't read the future

But I still want to hold you close

Right now, is all I want from you

So give me the morning

Sharing another day

With you, is all I want to know

And baby I, I've tried to forget you

But the light of your eyes still shine

You shine like an angel

A spirit that won't let me go

I, I didn't want to tell you

Things I didn't want to know myself

I was afraid to show

But you gave me a reason

A reason to face the truth

To face the truth, face the truth, face the truth

And baby I, I've tried to forget you

But the light of your eyes still shine

You shine like an angel

A spirit that won't let me go
Won't let me go

Let go of my heart

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

1st Day of School

Today I took leave since it was Dania's and Dina's first day of school. Normally, I wouldn't be too worried but since Dania was now in Standard 4 and Dina in Standard 2, that meant they had different schedules and wouldn't be going to the same school at the same time anymore.

I had booked the van for them since early December but I was still worried that there would be hiccups in terms of getting the kids to and from school on time. Fortunately the van lady, whom we had used last year, was rather efficient. She admitted that the first day was a matter of getting used to the routes of picking and sending back the kids. But in the end, the girls got to both schools on time and were back home when they were suppose to be.

I asked Dina if she missed seeing her sister at school and she laughed. Hah!! I guess it's true, distance does make the heart fonder.

Very the Berry Berry

So at last, I decided to buy a new BB. Despite some people bugging me to buy an iPhone. It's not that the iPhone isn't great, it's just that I'm not a big fan of touchscreens. Especially for typing. I still prefer using a keypad. Call me old fashion or what, using a keypad feels more solid.

So, after work, me and En Rashid (don't scold me on my grammar) went to MV to check out what deals they had on the latest BB. Initially I wanted the cheap Curve model, since I still have that big ass fridge to buy. However, in the end, I ended up buying this.

The new White BlackBerry Bold 9900.

I love this one because it had both the functionality of a touchscreen and keypad. Plus the dude at the shop threw in a privacy screen protector and a discount on the overall price. How much was it? Let's say...I can afford it since I'm paying for it in 12 months. Heeee...

Oya, the best thing was that my old BB suddenly became "alive" when I had bought the new one. Like, WTH?? So, En Rashid will be using that one until it dies again.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Berry Berry

Lupakan la dulu hajat nak beli fridge ke, GPS ke…ni ada benda lagi penting aku nak kena spend duit kat ni. Phone aku dah kaput. Tetiba je. Semalam nak balas BBM bos pun tak dapat, fon asyik hang. Bila cabut bateri, masukkan balik, terus takmo on. Sampai la arini..caj pun x guna.

Isy, saja je kan. Aku dok sebut2 nak beli benda lain, benda lain yang buat hal. Aritu dah kena RM200 betulkan sink dapur. Tapi fon ni pun aku dapat free. So aku nak bising bebanyak pun tak guna. Cuma tensen sbb tak dapat nak berBBM or Watsapp ngan sesapa.

Cadang nak pi beli fon baru lepas keje nanti. Bukan takde fon lain kat rumah tu, tapi aku nak BB jugak. Dah addicted to BBM, nak2 lepas aku tukar from postpaid jadi prepaid. Sangat la berkiranya credit aku sekarang ni…hehehe.

Adik aku mesti bising soh aku beli iPhone. Isy…takpela..keeee..nak terus beli Galaxy Note? Aik..dah dilemma plak..