Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life Reminders

A few things happened this week that made me stop and give a long hard look at my life.

1. One of En Rashid's office mates passed away due to lung cancer on Wednesday. She was 38 years old; still young and had her whole life ahead of her. The sad part is that no one really knew she had cancer. The office found out only when she was hospitalized on Monday. They had planned for a doa selamat on that Wednesday but later found out she had passed on that morning.
I feel bad because I've been to En Rashid's office many times and I just can't place this person anywhere. En Rashid said I may not have noticed her since she was always on MC or had a doctor's checkup. Still I feel bad because apparently her seat is just opposite En Rashid's cubicle.
One thing I noticed though, in the workplace, the grieving period only lasts a day. If there are urgent matters at hand, then half a day. Then people go on with their lives and you become part of their distant memories. I'm pretty sure that's what would happen when it comes for me to go. So why do we spend so much time in a place that would forget us so easily than being with the ones that really care?

2. A friend of mine told me about her aunt who had passed away recently due to illness. The sad part was, throughout her hard life, she raised 9 children and her sick mom, only to be neglected in her own time of need. 9 children and not one took her in when she got sick! Even when she was hospitalized, the children did not come to visit her or help take her home when it was time to check out. When she passed away, she was alone. When she was found, it was not immediate.
The "best" part is that most, if not all, of her children are very religious. Some of them live abroad, learning and teaching about Islam. Youw ould think people who are so pious would know about the basic stuff, like taking care of your parents. According to my friend, apparently some people get to pick and choose which part of religion they want to follow. Selective memory.
I was so sad when I heard the news about my friend's aunts' passing. In a way, relieved because she no longer suffering but extremely angry at the way she had been treated by her children. I shudder at the thought that I may turn out like that if it comes to my own parents or PIL. I cry at the thought that my own children may toss me aside when I'm old.

Reminders of how short our life is. And how we should always strive to make the best of it.


Nur H said...

i so agree with you, along. x boleh mengharap balasan manusia when it comes to work or even our own family. Allah is the best penjaga dan sebaik2 pembalas....

Anonymous said...

agreed..there is fine line between officemate and us, only very few will last as true frens the rest stays as officemate although we spend half of day with them.

J.A.D said...

sejak case Nuun dulu, if u still remember, i have always reminded myself and others that its not worth being obsessed with work. our company was very efficient paying compensation tapi lepas 2 bulan dh ada org lain ganti tpt arwah. tapi baby dia dh tk ada mak.. mmg sgt tak worth it mengutamakan kerja lebih dari people that matters.

Minhaj Suhaimi said...

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Aapitz said...

A good reminder along...! Point no 1 sgt terkesan. And sgt agree ngan kak Joz. Sometimes I wonder, What the hell kita bersusah payah im mean giving our best for work, sampai kadang2 terneglect family.

Whereas, kerja tuh sekelip mata jer orang boleh replace kita. But, for family it took years or sometimes never to get replacement!

Bayangkan half day sudah abiskan masa untuk kerja, padahal our family that need us most kan.... sob sob

Aku mmg dah lama dilema ngan kerja nie....still tak bleh gak nak put the line. Kalo boleh 5.30 pm nak shutdown and x nak pk pasal kerja dah. Trus nak focus on family. Still mencari formula untuk bekerja seadanya... hehehehee