Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Force is Strong With This One

Have you guys seen the latest VW ad, shown during the Superbowl? The one with the cute Darth Vader in it.

For those who are Football fans, you would not have missed it. For the rest of us, here it is below.


I love how at the end, the little dude was like..DID YOU SEE THAT?? I AM AWESOME!! :))

The kid who played mini DV is 6 year old Max Page who was diagnosed when he was an infant with the heart defect Tetralogy of Fallot. Here he is in his interview on The Today Show.

Isn't he the cutest boy ever??!! He even looks like a young Mark Hamill.

Seems like the Force is Strong With This One. Now if only he can stop George Lucas from making crappy movies.

ps: Now I want a Passat!!!


Anonymous said...

Along,u should watch the bloopers and deleted scene of the ad..giler cute!

Anonymous said...

passat pekan assembly starts in november. apa lagi.

Along said...

Anony: Yes!! I have watched it and LOL..memang cute giller!! I love the part where he just gave up with the washing machine and kicked it out of frustration.

TOAJ: Itu la..itula..dah hint kat En Rashid...hehehhe..