Sunday, February 20, 2011

Study, Study, Study

Next week is my final exams week so of course this weekend is spent in front of books and the laptop, reading up on the stuff that will be in the exams. So many hints flying around, that I don;t know what to read. Don't tell me everything because my brain would totally explode just even thinking about it.

Last night I took a breather from studying and went to my colleague's house for her CNY open house. All the way in Segambut, which both me and En Rashid were not familiar with. However, thanks to google map and our somewhat reliable GPS, we found the house. Food was a plenty and the kids enjoyed themselves. So, it was a nice venture outside the house.

Today, I spent the whole day looking at my FM & OM notes. Have not even touch my HRM notes. Oh help me, why am I putting myself through this again?

Ok, back to studying. Toodles!


Sal said...

Good Luck...Good Luck...Good Luck...

zai said...

Segambut..dah dekat dgn rumah aku di Kepong tu..good luck for yuor exam Along..4 flat lagi this sem yerk