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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Food and Family Outing

We tookmy parents out to eat today, together with all my brothers and SIL. Initially the plan was for us to stay overnight at my mom's house then go out for lunch from there. Then En rashid announced he had badminton early Sunday morning, so we decided to go to my mom's house after that. In the end, we just decided to meet my parents at the restaurant.

Choosing where to eat was another funny business. I had intended to take my parents out to Se.oul Gar.den since my exec had took me for lunch once. My parents love steamboat and tomyam and the likes of that so it seems like a nice place to take them. I called up the outlet in OU to reserve a table for 10.

"Sorry miss, we can only put you on the waiting list. No reservations allowed, we are very full. If got table, we call you. If not, you can wait. You want waiting list or cancel?"

Giller bongkak cakap ngan aku camtu!!! Cet!! So I called up the outlet beside the office. They were open and ok for reservations. HOWEVER, they had a closing period from 3-6.30pm, which didn't sit well with En Rashid. So in the end, we gambled went to the outlet in I.O.I. Mall.

Fortunately they had a table for 10, right at the back of the restaurant. Soon we all were grilling enough beef, chicken and seafood to feed an army. It was a funny sight, what with everyone jumping and ducking their heads everytime the oil splattered.

After lunch, we walked around the mall, looking for a new hp for my dad. So far, we've drilled it down to a few choices but my dad being my dad, wants the latest and most technologically advanced. Eventhough he only plans to use it to sync his calendar and sms his kids once in a while. Heeee.

It was nearly 7 when we all said our goodbyes and headed home. It was raining heavily outside so the kids dozed off in the car on the way back.

Good food and good company. Doesn't get better than that!


theotheraj said...

dia tak nak cakap tu. tapi aku rasa la, dia dah ada fb and twitter account.