Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My.Kid and Pizza vs Soto

Both En Rashid and myself are on leave today, state holiday. This is one of those few times I'm glad to be working in KL...muahahaha..when we get get a holiday and the other suckers have to go to work.

After the girls came back from Kafa school, we took them out to JPN to get Daria's MyKid. It's been ages and we still haven't collected any of them yet. Even Dania's, which we registered nearly 9 years ago!! Thing is, we need to collect the girl's MyKid from where we initially registered them, so it's way out in Shah Alam for Dania's and over in PJ for Dina's. Hmmmm.

As always, we made a family outing out of the trip. We stopped by I.O.I Mall for some random stuff. We had forgotten to bring Daria's pram so she was delighted to be able to run around without being tied down. It was only when she was tired, did she want me to carry her.
On the way back, I decided to order pizza. Then we found out that Wati had cooked up a storm so too bad, girls! It's soto for dinner tonight.

We're heading back to my in-laws tomorrow after the kids finish Kafa school. It's been a while since we've been back. I intend to use the time to complete my abundance of assignments still due. OMG, just 2 more weeks then it's finals! Eeeeekkkkk!!!


Anonymous said...

JPN pj still ada ke? i thought dah tutup.

Aapitz said...

aiyaakkk...dah cuti best2 nak kena prepare for final plak...issshhh potong btollll

Along said...

TOAJ: Kat website ada lagi. Maybe I should call first before heading out.

Apit: Itu la pasal..but then, while doing MBA, there's no such thing as a holiday anyway...sigh..