Thursday, February 24, 2011

No More Financial Papers!

Yes, done with FM. Finally. And very happy to know that I don't have to sit for any more financial classes throughout the rest of the trimester. Yippee!!

How was the exam? As usual, stressful. Good thing was that most of the hints given by the lecturer actually came out. Not so good thing, I forgot some of the essay points so it was a trade-off; easy calculations but not-so-easy essays question or messy calculations yet easy essay questions. Urghh..overall, I think I did OK. Just OK. There was one part where I only got the inspiration to answer, like 5 minutes before times was up. I hope the lecturer doesn't deduct points for bad handwriting. LOL.

Anyway, since my adrenaline level is way to high for me to sleep, I think I'll do some studying for HRM. Haven't even started to see that notes even.

ps: Many condolences to my classmate, Faizah, who's mom passed away today. She didn't come for the exam and since I knew her mom had been very sick, I kind of guess that is what happened. My other classmates confirmed the news after the exam. Al-Fatihah.