Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Something To Get To Know You Better By

Since I'm poofed from my class assignments and won't have much time to write a proper post, let's do a bit of a psychological profiling exercise. Here's where I get my 3 readers to tell me more about themselves and I hope in the process, learn something about themselves as well.

OK, answer the following questions truthfully.

1) Think about your favorite colour and write down three adjectives describing that color.

2)Think about your favorite animal and write down three words describing that animal.

3) Now, think about an all white room. The walls are white, the floor is white, there is no sound in the room, no windows, everything is white. Now list three words to describe how that room makes you feel.

4) Lastly, think about a body of water. Any body of water whether it's an ocean, river, stream whatever. List three words describing that body of water.

Understand the questions? OK, now give me your answers in the comments. I'll let you know what they mean in my next post. Also, if I feel like sharing, I'll give you my answers too. Heee.


Mom-On-The-Loose said...

since I've got time to kill, why not?! Besides, think I've done this before...

1) Blue - calm, cool, soothing
2) Cat - cute, cuddly and playful
3) peaceful, lonely, dreamy
4) Ocean - endless, cool and exciting

Tell me what it means ya?? If I'm not mistaken, the animal is how you'd describe your spouse? I remember that cuz Nik answered with a cat and of all the things, NEEDY!! HUMPH! it's true but I hate the fact that he's got it so spot on :P

J.A.D said...

i tell you coz i on *very-de-malas-but-still-need-to-finish-work* mode

(i) red: bold / bright / pretty

(ii) no favourite animal but since i have to answer this probably giraffe: tall / elegant / thin (all that i'm not, hah!)

(iii) white room = bored / sleepy / restless

(iv) waterfall = calm / serene / peaceful

so, lulus ujian tak?

Along said...

MOTL: Hahahaha..ur answers are really interesting. I'll let you know what they mean in my next post. Sabarrrr.

JAD: Heeee...again, wait until my next post to know what your answers mean.