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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Waka, waka...It's Time For Africa

I had been following the WC only recently because eventhough Spain is still in the game, my favourite player, Raul Gonzalez, is not playing. And also because Japan is out. And South Korea. And....sigh...ok, I admit, England (that one is for you, Angah).

However, last weekend I kind of got into the action. I caught most of the game between Germany and Argentina and LOL...sorry Argentina fans but your team sucked!! Seriously!! It looked like Germany was playing against school children. And Messi...well, I must say Messi played to his best ability but it's hard to score any goals if you're tired and every defender on your back and your teammates just hang back and expect you to shoot a goal everytime you get the ball. I mean come on people, he's good...but not THAT good. And football is a game of teamwork....sian Messi, asyik la kena rembat gol sorang2.

I was feeling pretty bad for Maradona especially when Germany shot that last minute 4th goal; he looked like he was going to break down and cry.

Anyway, of the 4 teams remaining, my ringgit is on Germany. My 2nd choice would be this upcoming semi final between Germany and Spain should be interesting.

Whatever it is...they should stop playing the WC theme song on the radio!! I'm getting so sick of it already...especially since the girls sing it 24/7 too!!