Monday, July 12, 2010

1st Day of School

Today was my 1st day back in school. Let's say it was...interesting, for lack of a better word. Since I had arrived at work at 830am on the dot (yeah me!), I had no guilt leaving the office at 530pm. Actually I left at 545pm since I decided to pray Asar first. Fortunately traffic was light, except the usual place on the Federal Highway. I arrived at Uni at exactly 630pm.

I had wrote neatly in my brand new notebook, Managerial Economics in classroom BK1. I made my way to the classroom and took a seat upfront. 5 minutes later, I found out that I was in the wrong classroom. Apparently they had switch rooms with another class. Great!! Now where was I supposed to go?!

One of the students told me to check the notice board in the hall. Doh!! As I scan the notice board (it was full of announcements), I found out that my class had been moved to BK2. OK, not so bad, just next door.

As I entered, there were already a few students there. All of them had their textbooks. Hmmm, something tells me I'm missing something. I sat down (upfront) and asked the lady beside me where she got the textbooks from. She told me to go to the office to pick up the textbook slip and then pass it to the guys out in the hall who had the textbooks.

So I made my way up to the office. Turns out I had to bring 2 copies of my registration slip, something that was not communicated to me orally but was announced in the student portal and on the bloody notice board downstairs. Since I didn't have my registration slip, I couldn't get my textbook slip and that meant no textbooks for me today. Grrrrr....

So I made my way back to the classroom. The professor was already there, giving his welcoming speech. I gave him my most charming smile and went to my seat. Somewhere in his speech, the professor mentioned the textbooks. "I hope you all have gotten your textbooks today."

Why, o why, did I have to raise my hand and admit I hadn't? The professor told me to quickly get them outside. When I explained I had forgotten my registration slip, he set his mouth into a thin line....and continued with his speech.

Hole, you may swallow me now!!

We had a quick break at 730pm for Maghrib and dinner. And when I say quick, it was like a 20 minute break. It took me 10 minutes to locate the surau and another 10 to complete my prayers. Which left m 20 seconds to grab my dinner and bring it into class. And proceed to stare at it throughout the rest of the class as my stomach rumbled hungrily. Sigh.

The lecture finished early as it was only an introduction lecture. The professor then called us to copy his slides from his laptop and he would be using them for the other lectures. Doh!! I left my thumbdrive at the office. Fortunately one of my coursemate told me she would email me the slides. Lifesaver!!

Note to self:
1) Check the Student Portal every week for announcements.
2) Bring a thumbdrive to class. Better yet, I wonder if En Rashid will buy me a netbook now that I'm a sexy college student. Hehehe.
3) Bring some drinks and biscuits to class, in case I can't squeeze in dinner during the break.


joe said...

Welcome to the club, En Rashid. What we couldn't shout out during college, can now be hollered to all.

We're scoring with college babes!

Along said...

Joe: Hahaha..whatever does it for you, dude.


part angkat tangan and ngaku takde textbook tuh, yg aku tak tahan!

giler skema kau ;p

since when la weih??

Sal said...

Saya ingin mengucapkan "Selamat Kembali Ke Alam Sekolah"....

Along said...

Nora: Aku memang skema kat sekolah...tak tau ke? Hehehe..

Sal: Tq...masih dalam stage menyesuaikan diri. Hmmm..

Anonymous said...

terpaksa agree ngan noresh laaa...hahaha... nway, slamat blaja!!!

fatim manap

Email: said...

Berapa subject jau ambik this sem? Selain Manegerial course tu, apa lagi course kau ambik?

Along said...

Fatim: Alahai...jangan la gelakkan aku. Aku dah la nervos aritu..silap masuk kelas la, x bwk slip la, x sempat makan la..uhuk..tapi takpe..semangat!!!

Zai: Aku ambik 3 je. Tak larat wei nak ambik lebih. Also taking Organizational Behavior and Accounting. Uwekkk for accounting. Lomah eden.