Monday, July 26, 2010

Maybe She Was in Another Time Zone?

We were suppose to take the girls to see Despicable Me yesterday but couldn’t because bibik came back late from her outing. And when I say late, I mean coming in at 7pm when she said she would come back at 3pm.

The girls were disappointed but not as livid as hubby. He had already started scanning for nearby nurseries to send the kids to while we were at work. A little extreme, I know but I can understand being pissed about having your plans go to shit because someone didn’t want to get a little rain on them coming back.
Bukan jalan kaki pun laaaaa…sah2 naik cab rerami ngan kawan dia!!

I don’t normally complain about bibik because she does do exceptional work around the house and with the kids, thus the reason we allow her to go out during the weekends. But I do except a certain degree of respect; if you’re going to be late, call me!! I can come and pick you up at the mall if it’s raining cats and dogs (it was only drizzling yesterday, hardly cause for an umbrella..ella…ella…even.)

Bibik knows I’m pissed at her coz I haven’t spoken to her since she slinked back in yesterday. Unlike hubby, who is the bebel type, I’ll rather save my breath and ignore you.


Unknown said...

Hmmm..that's one of the reason we are bibikless now..and the lies they told us..pehhh...boleh buat telenovela. Now, we're happily bibikless albeit very tired from the house chores.

Along said...

Zai: Overall my bibik is ok, I have no issues with her. I don't mind letting her go out with her friends on weekends, provided she comes back on time. Lambat, Ni buat aku ngan En Rashid risau je dia dah kena cekup ke, dah tergolek masuk longkang ke. Hmmmm..