Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Week Down..14 More To Go

OK, so I’m done with my 1st week of school. As I mentioned, my first day was…interesting. 2nd day was much better; I had Organizational Behavior or OB as the students call it. The lecturer was very friendly and talkative and she made the 3 hours fly by. We had a funny ice breaking session where we had to draw our own faces on a piece of paper, which was then collected by the lecturer. She then gave us each one paper and told us to find the person whose face was on the paper. Some people had drawn their faces like a cartoon; round face with 3 dots for eyes and nose and a big smile. Hahahha, how la you’re suppose to recognize someone from that kind of drawing?!

For my 3rd day (yesterday), I arrived late eventhough the class started at 7pm instead of 630pm. It was raining heavily on the highway which of course caused massive jams. The class was a subject that filled me with a sense of despair; Accounting. Urghhh, I was never good at accounting in school. I could never balance any of my ledgers. The lecturer was ok, but he tends to mumble a bit. Also, he wrote in short form ALL THE TIME, which annoyed me to no end because SCF? ABC? FRS? What the heck?!! Fortunately my coursemate, who I also roped in as one of my teammates, knew a little bit of accounting and explained the term words to me. Argghh, I foresee a LOT of reading for me in that subject.

All in all, it has been an eye opening experience. I’ve already made some new friends and hopefully we’ll be able to support each other in tackling the subjects.

I miss my babies though. It’s hard coming back after a long day and seeing them already asleep. I miss hearing them tell me what they did in school. I miss having dinner with them. I miss sitting down with them to do their homework. I miss tucking them in at night.

I know it’s only for 3 days a week and at least I have weekends free to spend every waking minute with them. Here’s hoping the next two years go smoothly.


joe said...

2 years.. even shu pun 1 1/2 years..

aku still contemplating, nak sambung study or not..


Along said...

Joe: Tapi Shu buat weekends...aku takmo la. Weekend is family time..

Ko memang pemalas!!

joe said...

weekend pun, saturday 2-8 je. 1 in every 6-7 weeks yg extra days. tu pun not a full weekend gone.

aku memang tgh malas.. hahaha