Sunday, November 15, 2009


Not the kind that I'm full of. Heh! I'm talking about this damn tooth that's trying to come out.

Dah tua bangka pun ada gigi nak tumbuh lagi?!

It started last Thursday. I woke up and noticed my right cheek was slightly swollen. I couldn't feel anything and when I tried to look inside, whatever was causing the swelling was too far back.

On Friday, the swelling had significantly increased. Plus, I had started to feel some pain. I couldn't brush my back teeth without hitting the soft spot. By lunch time, the swelling had also started to throb so I took half day off to go to the dentist. Since hubby was working in Cyber, I took the ERL there and he met me at the station.

The dentist took one look at my swollen face and made a bet, "I'm pretty sure it's your wisdom tooth."

She was right. Apparently the tooth had just started to break the gums and food had gotten trapped within. Since I couldn't brush that far back, the leftover food caused the swelling and apparently some pus.

Pus!! In my mouth!!!

Hubby is sooo gonna want to french kiss me after this.

The doctor couldn't do much, not until the swelling had subsided so she prescribed me some painkillers (I love!!) and some antibiotic (low dosage since I'm still breastfeeding). If the swelling hasn't subsided in a week, then she might recommend to do some minor surgery.

Surgery!! In my mouth!!!

I so did not sign up for this. *Sigh*.


J.A.D said...

i get that every few months. apparently there's no more space in my mouth for them to grow (all 4!) so every few months they will try to push their way out... and yeah... ouchhhhh for a few weeks. then its gone. The only cure is to go for a minor surgery, remove the wisdom teeth forever.

Tapi nak kena potong tu yg pikir lapanploh kali. dlm mulut lak tu. Dah la dental benefit tak cukup nak cover... huhuhu

Mom-On-The-Loose said...

I had mine removed via surgery. BOTH! hope no more is coming out. Muke lepas surgery tu macam baru lepas kena blasah, all purple and swollen as hell. But don't worry lah, you survived giving birth to 3 girls, surgery to take out those teeth sure no hal nye lah!!! masa bius je sakit... oh and afterwards lah tapi the painkiller kills most of the pain!!!

Raggedyanne said...

ugh, nasty. i had my 1st wisdom tooth taken out right before my wedding, and i must say, i'm so glad the tooth came out sooner than later. the second time it happened, the impacted tooth didn't cause pain at all sampailah i noticed my lower front teeth dah senget a bit (punya lah vain kan, gigi senget pun boleh perasan)

Email: said...

Been there, done that. Took out all 4 wisdom teeth on the same day at OSU. No pain at all, just some discomfort, coz pain killers took care of it.

dillazag said...

Take it out lah Along... Kalau tak it'll come and go and come and go tak habis-habis...

Along said...

JAD: the last option. So far the painkillers are doing their job.

MOTL: You are not helping!!! Uwaaaa...somehow I would rather go thru child birth than have someone mess around with my teeth.

RA: Yeah, I also can't figure out why this bloody tooth is taking its time coming out.

Zai: There should be four teeth?!! Makes sense, but as of now only one is showing itself. Sigh...kena go thru the same thing for 3 more ke?

Dilla: I know..I know..but like I said, surgery would be my last option. What with work, etc..I don't have the luxury to take MC for my stupid tooth.

Aunt Juicebox said...

Oh you poor thing! Nothing worse than tooth pain. You just can't seem to get away from it. I had mine removed when I was a teenager.