Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Minute .....As Usual

It's 2.33am and I'm still up doing this stupid ERM thingy. Of course, it's due tomorrow, so tonight...pulun sampai siap!! What should have taken me 2 hours tops has turned into 5 hours and clock still ticking, thanks to my intermittent internet connection. Plus this stupid page keeps time outing, eventhough I stay on.

Grrrr...good thing I slept in the evening. Tido asar pun, tido asar la. Janji esok pagi tak ngantuk. Uwwaaaa...I start work again tomorrow after a whole week off.

Can I have another week please???

**Editted: In the end, I had to do the test 3 times (the max amount). My last attempt was the highest score...salah satu je. Lantak ko la labu....dapat 5 ke pun MAPS in the end? Kuangkuangkuang...


J.A.D said...

kita serupa... i had to repeat module 4 sampai 8 kali sbb asyik logged out je. mcm nak muntah dah rasa. 2 kali test 2 salah, last test 1 salah tapi lambat 2 saat dah masuk hari baru - 1/12. kira ke ah?

but like u said, mcm blh dpt 5 pon!

Along said...

Mine..1st time, got 2 wrong answers. 2nd time, got 3 wrong answers!! 3rd one wrong answer. Pasrah je la..