Monday, November 09, 2009

When All She Wants Is Her Mother

Last weekend the family went back to Melaka for a wedding and my SIL's boy's 1st birthday. It was the first time we went back without bibik. Bibik gave reason to stay behind and take care of the laundry that had piled up so high due to it raining everyday. I was fine with the idea since it was only for one day anyway.

We arrived in Melaka around 12pm and went straight to the wedding for lunch. Daria was such a darling; even in the hot weather, she was smiling all the way. The food was good and the crowd was almost non-existent, so we all gobbled down happily. After filling our tummies, we headed back to my in-laws.

Around 5pm, I put Daria down for a nap and then headed to Carref00re with hubby to buy some groceries. As we were on our way back, my MIL called; Daria was, screaming her lungs out. Apparently when she woke up, she got confused and when she couldn't find me, she freaked out and started crying.

When we arrived at our in-laws, my MIL was carrying Daria and trying to console her. Clad only in a towel, my poor girl was beside herself. When she saw me, she grabbed me and held on for life. It took me 30 minutes to quiet her down and stop her crying.

Until yesterday, she wouldn't let me out of her sight. When her grandma or aunts tried to carry her, she would start crying and searching for me.

Dear Daria. Please don't fret. I would never leave you eventhough I can not always be there physically for you.


poshnez said...

Ahhh, mummy's gal ;) No matter what, when, where..dotties will still look for their mums kan!

My lil gal pun sama...ilang jer jerit. Eventho da 19 months old.

Aunt Juicebox said...

Aw, poor little sweetie.

Sal said...

Ala cayang....anak mummy nie....


ohhh... dah start separation anxiety :) . very comforting tapi susah la pulak...

Along said...

Poshnez: Yep, all my gals are closer to me than their daddy. But they love us all the same.

AJB: Yep..during these days I had to work overtime, she refused to sleep until 10pm!!

Sal: I guess so. I miss her too everyday.

Nora: Exactly..separation anxiety kicking in. Have to start bringing her out more to get her used to being around more people.