Monday, November 30, 2009

She is Mobile!!

Daria's already crawling. CRAWLING!! It took her 2 days to learn to sit and a few days after that, she was moving backwards on all fours. A few days after that, she was moving forward.

Now that she's mobile, I've become very anal about the cleanliness of the floor. Fortunately bibik is the same, so she sweeps and mops the kitchen floor every morning.

I can't believe my little baby is growing up so fast. Soon she'll be walking and then running. Soon she'll wean off the breast and there won't be anymore special "us time" for me and Daria. It's not fair...I'm suppose to enjoy her baby months for much longer.

Does this make me want to have another baby soon?

Hah!!! NO!!!


poshnez said...

Special moments...yup, I lurve & cherish those moments too ;)
But another baby ermmm, ahhh...same ere - Not just yet!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Ah how bittersweet those milestones are!

J.A.D said...

bestnya...! lepas ni abis la kotor baju2

Along said...

Poshnez: Yep, kids are so cute at this age.

AJB: Yes..sweet to see them grow, but bitter as a reminder of how damn old I am!! Hahaha..

JAD: Itu la..jadi mop semulajadi la minah tu pun dah...dok crawling everywhere..