Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Updates On The Kids

I could bitch and moan about work until no end, so enough of that. Let's talk about the kids for now.

Dania is on her last week of school. Already she's asking "which hotel are we going to stay in for the holidays?" Mak ai..good thing my parents have planned such an outing for next week. 4 days at *location undisclosed*...just lounging around, playing at the pool and NOT thinking about work (if that is possible).

Dina, on the other hand, only finishes school mid December. So for next week's holiday outing, she'll have to cut classes. Good thing she's done with her finals already, only waiting for her concert on the 5th.

Daria...she's sitting up by herself already!! That baby is growing up way too quickly. Hubby shaved her head (again!!) but her hair is starting to grow back already. Yesterday we took her to get her Hep B shots and she weighs 9kg!! That's an additional 0.6kg from last month. Pergh...semangat anak ibu!! Too bad she now has a cough, thanks to Dina for sharing. Hopefully the cough will pass soon. I think this is the first time she's been sick. I would like to think that breast milk rules!!

I'll post up more pictures of the kids soon. I need to take a quick nap. Lepas ni, sesi nak kena marah lagi...uwaaaa..