Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I have a scholar friend in UK, we'll call her "I", who recently let me know she met an old friend of mine from school, "N".

At first, I was all like "cool, what are the odds of that happening?"

Then it dawn on me. These two gals know me from different parts of my life. The only thing they have in common is Moi. The things that they can gossip to each other about me should I put it...painfully embarrassing.

I used to be dorm mates with N. And no, we did not experiment with lesbian sex but I guess that kind of information would be kind of embarrassing too. We were however very close, the bestest of friends. The type of friends you could confide your love for Anthony Hopkins and/or Sean Connery and not fear any repercussions for having a thing for old, bald, charismatic men.

Anyway, being young and away from parental control, we did a lot of stupid things together. Stupid as in how? Stupid as in taking a bath in the boys toilet at the school during a water draught and ALMOST getting caught by the boys. Stupid as in dressing up in all-black (ghetto gitu!)and having a cake fight behind the school halls. Stupid as in getting into a relationship with any of the boys from our school, just because everyone was doing it. I was there for her when she got panic attacks rehearsing for the debate team. She was there for me when I broke down and cried over River Phoenix's death. You know, the real important stuff.

We were dorm mates for 2 years and those two years were the best and worst times of my life. We stayed in touch after school and went to each other's wedding. We saw less of each other than we would want to but emails and sms's kept us updated. The last time I saw her was a few months before she moved to the UK.

I first met "I" during my scholar induction course. To say we hit it off would be...exaggerating, heee, but the years have matured us both and we now visit each other's blog daily and admire pictures of our kids. She was there when I had this insane crush on another one of our scholar friends and probably knows about the whole breaking-down-and-not-being-in-a-relationship-for-2-years-becoz-still-hung-up-on-the-guy despite clapping with one hand (bertepuk sebelah tangan). She knows about all my other stupid and embarrassing things I've done since I graduated from school and supposedly matured.

Seriously, if N and I were to sit down everyday and exchange stories about me and my stupid antics, they would have enough to last for years.


To N and I, go easy on me, kay. Kalau aku asyik tersedak, aku tau lah sapa dok ngata aku nanti. Heeee...


halwafy said...

Now...why would I want to bitch about you to your very good friend????


Anyway, I really don't have a clue (honest!!) about your crush tu and I honestly can't recall any other things about you too from that time..except for the fact abt your dad which was the first thing I heard coming from your mouth at that induction course and the fact that you're married to your hubby.. modal at all to gossip...too bad, huh?? LOL!

Abt that that you've mentioned it..nanti I'll ask around..;)

Anonymous said...

Happy 5th Birthday Anja!! Muaks!!

lieawulf said...

hehehe..what a small world ;D