Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jail Bird

News of Paris Hilton being sentenced to jail for driving while having a suspended license has dominated the entertainment headline news this past week. Her claims of how "it's so cruel" and "all the policemen want to ask me out and f*#k me" is driving me nuts.

For one thing, Paris is the poster girl for the destruction of the youths nowadays. This girl (and I use the term loosely) contributes nothing to society. She's filthy rich and has all the means to make a great difference but instead she flashes daddy's credit cards at all the night clubs and high-end boutiques. Instead of helping the poor and the needy, she goes on TV with her on-and-off BFF, Nicole Ritchie, to make fun of the working class and add more publicity to her already over-publicized self.

And since when is it cool to have a sex video?!!?

She claims she's a singer; have you heard her songs? She sings about how "the gods are crazy" and how she wants to be your "devil and angel too". She sings about "how she can do things so much better". She preaches about how she's more beautiful, better (in bed, I presume), the best thing anyone could ever wish for, how guys would die to be with here, etc, etc, etc.

Talk about masuk lif, tekan butang sendiri....pffttt.

She claims she's an actor. Yeah, right. Starring in the hacked up redo of The House of Wax isn't really Oscar quality. Not even MTV quality. Rumor has it audiences cheered when her character got hacked away in the movie; just goes to show how much America really loves their little princess.

She claims she is the "iconic blond of the decade". Goodness. And how dare she compare herself to the late Lady Diana and Marilyn Monroe. The nerve!!!

Everything she's done, she's done with the intention of getting noticed. With her, it's all ME, ME, ME, ME. But when the police noticed her driving offense, she suddenly cried foul. It's not fair, she's being attacked because of who she is, the judge is just out to get celebrities like her.

Yo, woman (again I use the term loosely). You committed an offense. Your license got suspended in the first place because you were driving under the influence. If I were the judge, I wouldn't just give you a 45-day stint in the joint. I'll would also make you do community service, cleaning out bed pans at old folks home, sending out meals-on-wheels for the needy. maybe that would give you a better perspective in life.

Some say Paris's jail stint will only make her more famous. OK, whatever. I just thank God that we still live in a world where money can't buy you everything. Maybe there is still hope for the human race after all.

Added in: Here's a link to a fantastic post about Her Majesty asking for Arnold the Terminator to save her sorry ass. The pictures are divine!!!


moby said...

The one good thing about skanks and other so-called celebrities like her is that their actions are so horrible and deplorable that it actually makes us feel good when we think "I'd much prefer my boring, normal life to the wasteful one she's leading."

That's how I feel, anyway.

She can take her fame and fortune and shove it up her 'never-never land'. :D

Along said...

Moby: Yeah, I would rather have my "boring" life than her dispicable one anytime. What gets me is the fact she thinks she's above everybody else and that her money can buy everything and everyone. I hear the lesbians in jail are just waiting for her arrival. Hhahahaha...

ummi said...

Isn't it obvious how one can have all the money in the world and yet still be so deprived. This is the manifestation of what she is so deprived of..i bet it is genuine love...

Kaklong said...


itulah bayaran yg harus dibayar oleh seorang yg pandang remeh dngn undang2 biarpun dia selebriti

saya duk perhatikan Paris ni jenis happy go lucky memanjang dan tak de erti serius dlm hidupnya. kalau tgk SIMPLE LIFE tu, dia p tempat orang mcm tak tau nak hormat cara hidup org lain, dia buat ikut suka hati dia aje, gelak2 memanjang, susah nak serius, ada je benda yg dia buat nak menyusahkan orang. cth, kalau anak tuan rumh tu baik, dia suruh buat gila2 cam perangai dia tu.kalau buat kerja tu, ada aje idea dia nak porak porandakan keadaan tpt kerja tu. Kata nak cari pengalaman kat tpt org, tp lagi nak buat org lain pening kepala. ini pandangan sayalah. betulkan saya jika pandangan ini salah.

saya harap, hukuman yg dia jalani ni lebih membuatkan dia berfikir supaya lebih bersikap matang dan tau menghormati peraturan dan undang2.