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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Meaning of Dania and Dina

I took this tag from Moby.

Hubby was the one who chose the names for the girls. We had an understanding; hubby would choose the names for our daughters and I would choose the names for our sons. I don't remember why or how we came to an understanding on the matter but there you have it. As a result, our daughters are named Dania Jazmin and Dina Yasmin.

Hubby first fell in love with the name Dania when he was flipping through a baby's name book in PKNS, Shah Alam. It was then he decided that all our children's names would start with the letter D. Why? Don't ask me but it sounded like a nice idea at first until we found out that there aren't a lot of Muslim names that start with the letter D. Not unless you wanna count Doremon or Dinosaur. Which doesn't sound very Muslim-like to begin with. Heee.

Dania means "God is my Judge" or "Closer to God", depending on which online site or book you're referring to. Jazmin refers to a flower, usually written as Jasmine. When you combine the two names, it probably doesn't make sense but everyone loves Dania's name. My MIL had doubts about it being a Muslim name but we assured her we weren't going down the road to name our kids Apple or Chandelier or any other inhuman object.

When we found out I was expecting a second daughter, hubby immediate announced that he would name her Dina Yasmin. Dina means "Judged" or "Justified". Yasmin basically has the same meaning as Jazmin; flower. So we have two "flowers" in the house. :D

I can't imagine what name we would choose if we had another girl. Names that I found online:

Daffodil - another flower?! Plus I can't imagine myself screaming "DAFFODIL!!!" in the middle of Tesco with a straight face.

Dagmar - sounds like Dogma, which brings Ben demon-worshipping Affleck to mind. Pass!!!

Dahlia - yet another flower. Plus it sounds to close to Dania.

Dakota - Too American.

Dolly - like Parton? Hahahahaa...

Durriyah - nice but I have trouble pronouncing the letter "R". Heheheh, sket2 pelat le gitu. It has a nice meaning though - shines brightly.

I already know what to name my sons (if we ever have any, Amiiiinnnn). But I'm not telling. :D.

I too tag...anyone who wants to do this tag. Enjoy.


Yan said...

macam kitorang ni, dah ala2 terhook up dengan A _ _ _ with Husaini kat blakang.. thats for boys.. for girls, will be H kat depan, and A kat belakang =)

raggedyanne said...

careful with Doraemon. Moby allergic kat dia :p

I like the name Dominic for baby boy.

moby said...

FYI I am no allergic to Doraemon. It's just that the theme song is so damn irritating.

Other than that, Doraemon is actually a good anime to watch! :D

maarof said...

as long as it's not'dubya'! :P