Monday, May 28, 2007

Scarface vs Clearface

I'm a sucker for free stuff. I go to the supermarket and I'll be the one lining up to grab the free food sample, regardless whether or not I even LIKE coffee (don't!) or even care that the new improved Vico is made from chocolate imported from California or the Caribbean.

So you can guess my excitement when a colleague of mine gave me a voucher for a free facial treatment at NY Skin Solutions. FREE!! Facial Treatment!! I nearly had an orgasm as looked over the voucher and noticed that the FREE!! facial treatment would cost RM300 at normal price.

That's how you gage whether or not the facial treatment is going to be good or bad. At RM300, they're probably going to do more than just slap a hot, wet towel on my face and scrub my pimples raw with a wire brush.

So last week, I took the time to go for this FREE!! facial treatment. I was a bit nervous coz I was anticipating getting the 3rd degree, you know, the deal with free samples. What if they just did the treatment on half of my face, as a marketing gimmick to get me to pay them money to treat my other half? What if they did such a good job that I would be mesmerized by the results and throw my credit cards at them for more?

It was then I decided. I came for the FREE!! treatment and that's all!!

The lady that attended me was nice but I freaked out a bit when she told me the session would last for 3 hours. WOW!! 3 hours of someone pampering my face was excessive, even for a pampering-whore like myself.

Turns out the pampering session lasted for 2 hours (and what a bliss those 2 hours were..) and the last hour was for a full force SALES PITCH!!

I knew it!!

Luckily I had psyched myself up before going into the spa or I would have found myself RM5600 poorer. You heard me, RM5600!! For 20 treatments. Which calculates to Rm280 per treatment.

I suspect for that amount of money, I would end up with a face as clear as a baby's butt or glowing like Beyonce after a session of humping her "Beautiful Liar" but Bloody Hell!! Damn expensive.

I called up hubby to ask his opinion and he freaked out when I told him the cost. "It's not like your pimples are life threatening!!!"

Errr...point well taken.

So I stood my ground and eventhough the nice lady lowered the package to 10 treatments at RM2800 and lower still to RM1000 for 5 treatments and lower still to RM500 for 3 treatments, I refused to budge. One thing, I never can find the time to go for facials. Even when I make a point to go, I always end up either dozing in bed or just hanging out with hubby and the girls.

So after 2 hours of been pampered with biohydrolic-vanilla essence-all natural-seaweed....stuff, my face is objecting to being slapped and lathered with over-the-counter RM7.50 facial foams by prospering with multiple red buds of goo.

But what the heck, it's not like my pimples are life threatening.