Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Our Mother's Day Celebration

We hadn't intended to celebrate Mother's Day. Hubby and I were just looking for an excuse to have a mini-honeymoon together. OK, our actual reason was because hubby had these coupons from this holiday club he had signed up (and paid good money to join) and they were about to expire. Not actually a romantic reason for a quick hotel getaway but whatever. The room was free and the mood was right.

If only we had gotten rid of the two leeches that refused to go back to their Grandma's place after their swimming session.

We checked in to the Holiday Inn on Saturday at around 2pm. After getting our room cards, we ushered the girls to the room for a midday nap. They were already so hyper with the thought of swimming at the pool but it was still hot outside. At the sight of the king sized bed, the girls immediately jumped on it and shouted ARE WE SLEEPING HERE TONIGHT? ARE WE? ARE WE? ALL OF US? ALL OF US?

I looked at hubby, he looked at me, then we both looked at our girls' excited little faces. Sigh, I guess we are ALL sleeping here tonight.

Once the kids had had their nap, we took them to the swimming pool. There was no one else there (only a bunch of Japanese tourist taking pictures by the koi pond) so I also went into the water. Dina was hesitant at first, but hubby was great at easing her fears. Before you could say "fishes in the sea, swim better than me" Dina was laughing and playing and learning how to float. Guess who else learn how to float? Yes, Moi!! I finally got my big butt to float like it was made of whipped cream. I hated the fact that water got into my ears (hubby was rolling his eyes everytime I complained) so next time I'm buying me one of those swimmers cap. Gonna pull them right over my ears, I DO NOT CARE if that makes me look weird. I'll be learning how to swim properly, instead of like a hyperventilating dog, so that would be weird-looking enough.

So after our swim, we headed back to the room to freshen up and go for dinner. The hotel was having a Nasi Kandar buffet special which none of us liked, so instead we headed out to Subang Parade for some Secret Recipe. We gorged on some fish n chips, lasagna and spaghetti meatballs. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

The next day, the girls were jumping to go to the swimming pool but I told them we had to have breakfast first. Let me tell you, the breakfast buffet at the Holiday Inn was superb. They had EVERYTHING, from pancakes, to all types of cereals, from nasi lemak to dim sum. We stuffed ourselves so much I was afraid none of us would float in the water later on. As a result, I didn't go into the water this time; another reason being I HAD ONLY BROUGHT ONE PAIR OF BRA!!! What woman in their right mind would forget to bring an extra pair of bra? I guess I was thinking I wouldn't be need any bras for this so-called mini-honeymoon (*wink, wink*) so joke's on me!!

(To my brothers who might be reading this, do not fret. I wear my bra everytime I'm at mom and dad's place. So stop freaking out!)

After the swim, we freshen up and checked out from the hotel. We were all still full from breakfast so instead hubby took us to have some roadside cendol in Subang. We then headed back to my parents' place for an afternoon nap.

So that's what we did for Mother's Day. It wasn't much but it was family-bonding time so as a mother, I say that's all that matters.


Kaklong said...


selamat hari ibu, Along.

happy besday. saya kakaklah pada Along rupanya :). moga bahagia dunia akhirat.

tumpang simpati ngan Along bila sedih melihat preggy mom dan baby..saya doakan, tahun depan boleh dpt baby :D