Monday, May 07, 2007

Our Spider-Man 3 Adventure

Last weekend was full of activities. After the kids’ Tumble Tot and piano classes on Friday night, hubby and I shipped them off to my parents’ house for a night of a much overdue date, just the two of us. What better way to spend a romantic evening together than to watch SPIDER-MAN 3!!!


Anyway, hubby had already made ticket reservations online using my GSC account to see the midnight show (lagi romantic gitu, kononnya). Seeing how Spidey is so HOT right now, the only place that had available tickets was GSC Klang.

We headed towards Klang at around 10pm. We wanted to get there early to get the best seats. After parking at the Bukit Raja Complex, we headed in and went straight for the cinema ticket booths. We lined up at the counter for pre-reserved tickets.

Once we reached the counter, I handed over my reservation slip.

Two for Spider-Man 3, yah. Midnight show.”

The lady at the counter took a look at my reservation slip and handed it back to me.

Kak. This is reservation for GSC. We are TGV!!”


“Oh, not the same ah.”

“No, kak. This is reservation for a different cinema.”


“So, you mean to say, I don’t have any tickets then?”

Apparently the cinema over at Bukit Raja was a TVG chain cinema. Mana le wa tau!! I haven’t been to the cinema on ages!! Plus I’m not at all familiar with the Klang area. Peh!!!

After a few calls to my brother (no help) and my friend who was a native Klangian (thanks, Noresh), we finally found the GSC cinema. The shopping mall where it was situated looked like it had been abandoned. Giller spooky!! We had reserved for midnight tickets but because the 11.00pm show was hardly full, we decided to switch to see the earlier show.

So what do I think about Spider-Man 3?

1. Should not be rated U. The fight scenes between Spidey and the bad guys were extremely violent, in my opinion. A PG-13 rating would have been more appropriate (hubby said Malaysia doesn’t have PG-13 ratings, only PG-18…ye ke?). There were a few kids around Dania’s age, who shielded their faces the entire time the fight scenes were on. That’s like 50% of the movie right there.

2. The bad guys were scary, especially Venom. I was totally spooked by him. Even hubby commented about the fangs, why did he have to have really scary fangs? And his scream? Damn loud and scary!!! Again, IMHO, not suitable for kids, unless you want them to have nightmares.

3. Overall storyline had big holes in them, big enough to fit a NY subway. Character development for Venom and Sandman took 5 minutes the most.

4. Peter Parker with a bad streak? Hahahaha, dunno if it’s just me, but I kind of liked him like that. He needs a better “badboy” hair-do though but he was more entertaining. You can see Toby McGuire had a blast playing that character.

Overall, I would give it 7 stars out of 10. Not exactly a movie I would pay to see again but it had its entertaining points.


Joe said...

gsc klang? tgv bkt raja?



Sya said...

along, camana boleh tertukar cinema? nasib baik banyak masa lagi nak gi cari gsc tu. heheh...

i like the movie. and i love peter as the bad boy. so comel. he looked like one of the guys in good charlotte. hehe...