Friday, May 25, 2007

Why I Start My Mornings By Reading the Papers

You've got to give it up for this kid. What ingenuity. Who, at the age of 9, would ever think this up.

"A nine-year-old German girl was so upset about having to tidy her room she put up a sign in her window urging passers-by to call the police for help."

As if that wasn't enough, she even thought of recruiting her younger brother. "Pedestrians saw the girl crying in the window, holding up a sign saying "Help! Please call the police!" Next to her sat a small boy."

I just had to laugh out loud when I read this. I pity the mother, who was apparently surprised to see a force of policemen barge into her home. I can't imagine if any of my kids ever pulled a stunt like this, memang nak kena piat telinga.

Here's another piece of news that caught my eye. I got to thinking, KARMA!! Apparently this guy wanted to kill his girlfriend by leaving her in a car parked on the railroad tracks. When the train came, it hit the car and launched it RIGHT ON TOP OF THE FLEEING MAN!!


Best thing is, the girlfriend survived.

Moral of the story: Next time when you wanna kill someone, make sure you're not in the "hit zone" yourself.


moby said...

Haha! Orang yang 'terlalu pandai' macam gini ah! Serves him right!