Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Project 2007 - re-evaluation

2007 was supposed to be the year of the baby. Since plans have now changed, I've gone into my Project Mode, figuring out what 2007's accomplishment be. A few things pop into my head;

a) New car
b) Family getaway
c) Pay off apartment or housing loan

Hubby and I have been discussing about getting a new car since...forever. My Proton Wira is nearly 7 years old and while it's been a very good car (for a Proton), it's showing its wear and tear quite a bit. We had trouble with the aircon last week during the whole hospital incident. Poor hubby had to rush from work to the hospital to the workshop back to the hospital in pouring rain. After several diagnosis and 2 days in the workshop, at last the workshop guys just changed the fius. Blah...the aircon is working now but it's been little incidents like this that have prompted hubby to think about seriously getting a new car.

Initially, we both had our eyes on getting a new MPV. But seeing how we may not be needing an MPV just yet (at least for a couple of years), we decided a new sedan would be just fine. I was ok to go for the new Honda Civic (either 1.6 or 1.8) but hubby just hates the look of the car. He prefers the look of the Accord better but we both agreed the Accord was just too big and too expensive for us to pay off and maintain. We even thought of getting a MyVi, seeing how it would be economical to use to go to work. Hubby is in his KL office nearly every weekday and petrol is really a factor.

Yesterday we discussed about getting a new car and hubby mentioned the Toyota Wish. He's been in love with this car since it first came out. I agree, compared to other mid-sized MPVs, it does look sportier and cooler. I just have a thing with mid-sized MPVs; the back row is too small for adults but if you take it away, the back then just seems like a waste of space for just luggage. Price is another factor; the Wish brand new costs around RM160K++, recon goes for around RM120++ (depending on the make year). To me, that's a lot of money for a mid-sized MPV. If going by the price factor, I would rather get an Innova, which is bigger and cheaper. But hubby says the Innova looks like a "pasar malam" (night market) mini van and doesn't look cool at all. Huh.

So we're in a dilemma. We both want a car/MPV that's spacious and affordable, meaning doesn't guzzle up gas and doesn't cost hundreds to service and maintain. Anyone with suggestions?

The family getaway has also prompted some interesting discussions. I want to go somewhere far, like Melbourne or Sydney. We had already done Brisbane and Gold Coast when Dania was 2 so maybe not again in the near future. Hubby doesn't want to waste thousand of RM on air tickets and suggested Cameron Highlands instead. Hah!! So basically, it's down to cost and things to do during the family trip. I just feel that after 2 months of being sick and trapped between home, the hospital and my parents place, I just want to break free and go far, far away...even if only for a week or so. But again, it's not like we have so much spare change in our wallets. So, family getaway until further discussion.

Paying off our housing loan to the bank is also a desirable Project 2007. Desirable because the bloody interest rates keep going higher and higher. We have enough to pay off only one housing loan; either the Bangi house or the KJ apartment. It's a lot of money but I foresee would relieve much headache than looking at the monthly bank loan statements.

So, what's our project 2007? Not sure yet. It might be one of the three above-mentioned or none at all.

Sigh...Amazing Race rerun is on. Till later.

ps: Healing process still ongoing. Not doing the "What If" game. Concentrating on thinking ahead. Thanks again to all who prayed for us.


Anonymous said...

willing to wait? have a look see:

Anonymous said...

sorry! the url link was too long :P

just go to and read the review of the nissan livina...

Anonymous said...

baru nak suggest, tapi maarof dah mentioned it. grand livina is coming soon. tunggu je lah. if you want a brand new mpv.

if not, beli je lah wish tu. or mazda5. heheh..

we're off the gold coast and melbourne next month :D

dillazag said...

Along, get the MyVi... Get the MyVi.. It really is more spacious than you think. And to top it all, it is just RM49K for the full spec and it is so economical on the fuel. Go-lah, test drive it!

Along said...

Maarof: Hmm, interesting. Not bad looking and I like how they compared it to the Innova and Avanza. Kind of in the middle, size-wise. Harga pun ok gak. Will let hubby know.

Joe: Yeah, let me know what u guys did in Melbourne. Nak create trip planner, just in case hubby kesian and setuju plak nak pi.

Dillazag: Hehehehe, itulah MyVi pun ok gak, but we also want a bigger car than our current Wira. Thinking maybe get a MyVi 1st (as car to work) then later trade the Wira for a bigger car. Ntah le, still under discussion with hubby.

sitynuress said...

hehe beli la myvi!!!!
saya la pemandu myvi yang gembira!!
it is bigger than it looks... tak caya nanti along leh check out my car bila balik opis nanti :P

tak pun.. naza ria is running a promo.. RM888 per month :P dgr kat radio ari ari ...

take care along!!!!

fara / ly-d said...

buying an mpv has always been my hubby's dream.. dulu it was the X5 (wayyy wayyy above our budget unless we suddenly win the lottery - HARRRAAAMMM)

wish was also in our list of dream mpvs...

but hubby says that maybe our car when we get into our 40s - anak2 suda besar sikit and what not.

p/s: am sorry to read about what you went through the past months. ada hikmah behind everything that happened and as you mentioned it yourself, you have the baby waiting for u in ur afterlife.

Halwafy said...

Glad you're getting on with life as normal...chin up :)

Kaklong Syikin said...


along..mungkin saya org terakhir tahu pasal kehilangan baby.TAKZIAH. air mata saya bergenang dibuatnya. InsyaAllah, Allah akan bagi lagi.

ttg keta, saya pernah naik wish (suami buat uji pandu) mmg best, tp dek kerana anak2 makin ramai, kami amik yg lain. wish ni mpvkan? tp bila naiknya, mcm naik keta..saya yg duduk belakang pun rasa best. cumanya tpt duduk belakang skali krg sesuai utk org dewasa, tpt kaki krg selesa.

ttg percutian tu, moga semuanya berjalan lancar. begitu juga ngan loan2 yg ingin dijelaskan.

p.s. inilah blog pertama yg saya tinggalkan komen stlh sekian lama bercuti..

cysev3n said...

I wish to have "WISH" one day.. tapi tu la, since hubby nak kena selalu jumpa client, nampak pelik laa pulak kalau bawak MPV kan.. so, la ni dia target ford focus.. tak tau le bila nak tercapai target.. meantime, we have to be satisfied with our soon to be 4yo Wira -)

Anonymous said...

along..don;t go for wish..blakang ekon x kene oi..panas...myV ok..spacios..lebih kurang wira..if city je..
but if insist on MPV, avanza is a good bargain..considering rashid yang kene travel...
on housing loan, ko buat conventional loan ke??...i was taught that, if interest keep hiking up, change ur loan to islamic...then if market is ok..rates are going down..change back to conventional..that way u can save a bit..
for more info..can always contact me for free consultation..ahahhaha
btw, dah urut ke??