Sunday, April 22, 2007

No Pain No Gain

Sometimes it just sucks being a woman. Especially a mom. Not that having kids isn't great an all, it's the process of having them. Getting pregnant and the whole deal with that, then there's labor and the whole pain process. Sure, there's epidural but do you know how much that costs?!! Plus, I've had it before (with Dania) and it didn't work. The epi doc took forever to poke the needle into my spinal cord and by the time he had done it, I was already 10 cm open. Bleh!! Then of course, there's confinement. Some of you might think, confinement, lying around for 40 days, NICE!! No, not all that nice. For one thing, there's the massage to bring up your womb (direct translation ni, ahaks!!). Damn painful lah!!

I started my massage treatment yesterday. I had been calling around trying to get someone to come to the house to give the massage treatment. Unfortunately I live in Timbuktu because my house was either a) too far b) in an unknown remote area. Haiya!! So finally hubby checked out the shops near our area and found a Spa that gave massages. The price was rather high but what to do, I was already feeling not so good.

The aunty that gave the massage told me to call her Mama. Hahah, oklah, whatever. Apparently she lives quite close to my house. She just opened the spa 2 months ago. We talked all the way through my massage. Actually, she did most of the talking. I was mostly going like "Oww, oww, sakit, sakit, panas, panas, ooo, ooo, ouch, adeh, adeh." I was such a sissy (hang head in shame).

But I felt so much better after my massage. As Mama told me, I finally felt all that dirty blood (darah kotor) leave my body. I felt lighter too. And I had no more headaches.

Today I have my second massage session. I'm anticipating more pain (groan) but like they say, no pain no gain.

Edited: Holy Cow!! I feel like someone took an iron rod and beat up all my sensor points. Even my fingertips are burning. I can't believe I'm paying someone for this turtore. But I must admit, I'll feel much better tonight and overall this is for future's sake. God, do men have it easy.


Anonymous said...

awat tak tanya. makcik yg urut shu masa lepas deliver amir tu bagus. plus she drives her own car, which is a plus point. tak yah susah2 nak amik or apanya.

dillazag said...

Along --> I pulak, so look forward to my massage sessions... Susah betul, nak suruh orang usap-usap pun, kena suruh bayar... heh heh heh.. Tapi, it's so hard to find a good masseurs nowadays, eh? The one that gets me is the bengkung thingy!

En Joe, could you spill the beans and share the lovely lady's number? I am expecting in November. Tq.

Along said...

Joe: Hang ni selalaulah lambat dalam memberi info. Aku ada tanya org dok Putra Heights, laki dia kata tnpt aku jauh. Maybe the same person?

Dillazag: I love getting massages but my hubby hates giving them. I love spas that give relaxing massages but during confinement is not a time when u get those type of massages. Sakit wooo!!

Anonymous said...

ces..forget my previous dah urut la???.. kak ain punya signboard is "x urut @ remote area like Putra Perdana"..hahahha

Anonymous said...


apa lak lambat. ko yg tak tanya. dia tinggal kat pantai dalam.

mak siti 012-3336027.

dillazag said...

Joe: Tengkiu very much. She lives near my house. yeay!!