Monday, April 30, 2007

Less Money, Less Headache

So last week our latest housing loan statement came. Hubby took one look at it and declared, "That does it. We're getting rid of this loan!"

So it has been decided. We're going to pay off our housing loan (KJ apartment). But of course, just having the determination to get rid of this blood-sucking (literally!) debt is not enough. For one thing, the bank is not making it easy.

"Oh, the person in charge of housing loans is not in lah. Can you call back in 1 hour?"

"Can you call back after lunch?"

"Can you call back tomorrow?"

"Can you cross your eyes, pull one leg up above your head and balance on the other? Coz that might amuse our housing loan officer and he might grant you an appearance."

So finally, after several calls (and a few heated ones), we got the handphone number of that blasted housing loan officer. Of course, actually getting an appointment to see him proved to be another headache.

Arghhhh!! Why do these banks make it so hard for us to give OUR money to them? Sure, they'll lose out on getting MORE money from us because of the bloody interest they're charging us but still....

Our savings will be significantly diminished but that's ok. We certainly won't be going for major holidays this year (I guess it would have to be Cameron Highlands or such) since we still have plans to buy a new car and we need some savings to do house renovations next year (Bangi house).

Anyway, it's just money. Insya'allah, we'll be able to save up again.


Anonymous said...

maybank right? good luck heheh.. i think yours yg conventional loan kan? kalau yg islamic, satu extra reason yg dia bagi for the delay: branch tak boleh calculate balance of capital owed and berapa rebate/hibah boleh dapat, only hq je yg boleh.

ours took a few months to settle the paperword, tnb dah ready with the check way before them.

Along said...

Joe: You got it. M^$#%^k sucks sometimes.

Raggedyanne said...

funny, i was just thinking about the same thing recently.

Money being just - money. :)