Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Minah, I'm So Not Interested!!

Some people have so much nerve. I understand she's a saleswoman but seriously, to hunt down hubby's hand phone number, which is not listed in the company's directory, just to get out home address is way to creepy. And desperate. Plus I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOUR SALES PITCH!!

I met this lady at the spa yesterday. We made small talk for like 5 minutes and I gave her my business card (totally regretting it now, beating head against wall). I thought nothing of it until she called me this afternoon. I was putting Dania to sleep and was kind of woozy myself. She introduced herself, like an old friend, that I had trouble placing who the hell was this person. She mentioned that she was at the spa and was thinking of coming over to see me. Errr, yah, I don't think so. For one thing, I hadn't taken my bath yet (eventhough it was 1.30pm) and secondly, I was really in no mood to have visitors, especially if their motive was to give a sales pitch. I gave some lame excuse regarding the kids and told her to call me next time. Which if that person was smart actually means, DUDE, DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN!!

I still thought nothing about the phone call until hubby came back and told me about this phone call he received from an old friend of mine. Huh?!! For one thing, not many people know hubby's new number, especially my friends. After talking, we found out that this saleswoman had somehow hunted down hubby's phone number and proceeded to call him while he was in the middle of a meeting. Hubby, thinking the woman actually was a friend of mine, gave her our home address!!!! ARGHHH!!!

The thing that gets me is the fact she lied to hubby. She told hubby that she was an old friend of mine and had just heard the news about our baby yesterday. Yeah, from me!!! Hubby was so convinced she was an old friend coz she sounded so friendly (like all salespeople) and she sounded sincere in wanted to come visit me to check up how I was doing. Seriously, the nerve!!

So far, she hasn't called me back and hasn't showed up yet at our front gate. I have no idea what to do when she does and believe me, she will!! Arghh, if only I had a goose to sic on her. Hahahaha..

Stay away!! Minah, I'm not interested in your sales pitch!!!


Anonymous said...

ni mesti cimb agent, pushing unit trusts.

Anonymous said...

gantung jer "DO NOT DISTURB SIGNAGE" tuh.

Along said...

Joe: Bukan CIMB, Public Bank. Urghhh, tu ah, mesti nak jual unit trust ke, insurans ke.

Fata: Better yet, gantung "BEWARE OF PSYCHO MOTHER IN THE HOUSE" kat gate. Becoz that's what I'm going to turn into IF she ever appears at my front gate.

Halwafy said...

Along I have tagged you (sorry!). It's an easy one - proceed to my blog for details!

God's Little Angel said...

Hi along,

Sorry to hear about these kind of sales people or even these kind of human who is not sincere at all.

Hopefully she stops calling your hubby for anymore info than just the home address coz, if she comes to the house you would know how to handle her but if she appears 'too good' infront of your hubby....she'll probably need a slap from you. Because, people like this cannot be trusted...they can be up to to something.

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