Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ideas For the Girls' Room

I was staying at my parents' place for the weekend. Hubby and the girls were in Melaka for a long overdue visit, plus kebetulan got 2 family gatherings (engagements and Qiqah). Hubby asked whether I felt up to travel to Melaka but I pleaded "still in confinement". I kind of regretted it a bit coz I missed hubby and the girls like mad.

To pass the time, I got to thinking about our house in Bangi and our plans to move there next year. I thought about all the renovations we were planning to do and all the decorating I would do. Like most people, I hate moving; packing clothes, wrapping stuff, finding out you never have enough boxes for all your stuff.....Bleeh!! However I do like the thought of renovating and decorating my own home. Just ask hubby, I'm a sucker for renovating/decorating TV shows like Trading Spaces, Casa Impian and the likes.

So I surfed the net to get a few ideas. I came to Better Homes and Living and spent hours just reading their articles and looking at their slideshows. Here are a few photos I liked for the kids room.

Kids Room 1: What I liked about this room is the wall treatment. So different from the usual "paint a single color" that we are all used to. I also love the ceiling; really gives the room some personality. I was thinking of buying those glow-in-the-dark star stickers for the girls' room. Make them feel like they're really sleeping under the stars.

Kids Room 2: Hubby already bought bunk beds for the girls so I selected this photo because it features a bunk bed. I love the way the used the wall around the window to place the cabinets and also put in a seating bench. That's one space-saving idea I'm going to use.

Kids Room 3: I love the simplicity and the colorfulness of the room. The circles on the walls don't look like they're too hard to do (mega dosage of self confidence going on here). However Dania has already mentioned she would like to have princesses on her walls (I heard you can buy wall stickers for this) and Dina wants Winnie The Pooh.

Kids Room 4: I love this idea but I don't think it's practical in the girls' room. For one thing, the rooms aren't that big. Once I put in the bunk bed and some closet space, there's not much room for anything else. But I still love the orange walls (or is it light brown?).

Kids Room 5: A suitable closet idea for the kids. I might make the doors sliding instead of swinging to save space and I would certainly make it go all the way to the ceiling. I do love the fact the window treatment blends into the colors of the walls.

Kids Room 6: OK, my kids don't play with dolls so the whole tea party thingy in the middle won't be happening. But push that out of the way and you still have a charming little room. I love the bench beside the window, with all the pillows and stuff. I envision that to be my place where I snuggle up and read to the kids on stormy days. Ahhh, heaven.

Kids Room 7: Can you say COLOR? Despite the very cheerful decorating, this room does not look cluttered nor do any of the pieces on the room look out of place. Again the cheerful walls make a huge difference from those regular boring ones we usually see. I don;t think so much about the floor treatment; I think that was going just a little overboard. I do however love the multicolored chairs, a simple, practical and inexpensive way of adding life to the room.

Kids Room 8: Again, it's the colors that get me. I LOVE blue and I love the fact there's so much of it here. The wall painting look like something my kids could make (not a bad idea actually; just frame a few drawings the kids did) and the pillows look ever so comfy.

Kids Room 9: Contrast to the last 2 photos, this one is going for more of a serene atmosphere, which I agree should be in a bedroom. I simply love the window treatment, goes along with the whole "flowers in the meadow" theme. If you ask me kids what kids of theme they would like for their room, mostly they'll scream out anything from Playhouse Disney to Spongebob so I don't know if I'll be able to copy much from this.

Kids Room 10: I love the practicality of this room. Beds and closet space all in one small corner yet it still looks cosy, not claustrophobic. I think a whole lot of good lighting (natural would be best) is something you would need to pull this off. I don't know if I would want Dania to sleep at such a high altitude (it does look high doesn't it? Almost to the ceiling) just in case she gets the night jitters and falls down. Worst would be her falling on her sister down below. Yikes!

Kids Room 11: One of my main concerns for all the bedrooms is closet space. Why we have so much junk I'll never know but we do, and we have to live with it. A lot of the girls' clothes that are too small for them are still in excellent condition so I keep them with their regular clothes. Of course, this causes closet overflow.

I'm still deliberating on how to decorate the girls' room but I guess until the time comes for us to move, then only I'll be able to get better measurements and a better idea of what can be done.

Next up: The kitchen. Ahhh...the possibilities.


Anonymous said...

along, i'd use them paint schemes for MY own room :P heh heh heh...

ummi said...

Kids room 10 with the overhead bunk..i suggest against that. I made that for my boys and it's hell to make their beds..and hell to check what creepy secrets they keep up there..ohhh but this is for i don't think there will be creepy secrets to worry about..:-)

Along said...

Maarof: Yeah, beacuse you're such a kid at heart!! Hehehee..

Ummi:'s ok, that's what maids are for!! But you're right about the creepy secrets, my girls are sometimes tomboys at heart especially #2. Hmm..silap2, ada simpan ular pokok dalam cadar. Argh!!

Anonymous said...

You're right, the slideshows at are addicting. And they not only have decorating slideshows - they have food and garden slideshows, too! I could watch all day, ha ha.