Saturday, February 26, 2005

Warehouse Madness

And I'm not just talking about the prices. Read on to know more about the "kiasu" parents I met there.

Kak N and myself arrived at the warehouse sale around 10.30am. It had only been open for 1/2 hour, but the place was already packed. Worst still, most of good fisherprice stuff had already been taken. Shucks!!

Anyhow, Kak N and myself each took an empty box and proceeded to move along the ailes. First up, tons of He-man stuff. I have two girls.....NEXT!!

I proceeded next to the Barbie section. Hmmm, not really my style. It's not that I have anything against Barbie or any kind of dolls in particular. It's just that growing up, I never had any dolls. I never really liked them; I was more of a teddy bear kind of child. So I guess I've passed on that on to my kids. They have tons of teddy bears and other stuff toys, no dolls what-so-ever. So I made a pass at the Barbie section too.

Next up, Fisherprice. Now I was all prepared to grab aything and everything in sight but apparently I wasn't the only enthusiatic parent there. I tell you, there was this one..I'll say "lady', only she didn't act like one. Whenever the Mattel workers would bring out new toys, she would climb..and I mean, climb over people to grab the toys there!! Ayooooo!!!!!

At last I couldn't take it. People were being trampled by this woman. I turned around and said to a very nice voice, "Elo, no need to be like that. Don't have to push people, okay?" Apparently this woman either had really thick skin or was just hard of hearing. After suffering through a few more pushes and "climbs" from this woman, I had had enough.

Ellooooo!! Other people also buying toys, ok. No need to climb people!!

She looked at me and then proceeded to say something in chinese.

Eh WTF!! Eventhough I don't know chinese, I can recognise a swear word when I hear it.

I spent one hour grabbing whatever toys I could get my hands on, and another hour lining up to pay for them. Please don't ask me how much I spent. These are toys for a year, I'm saving them for my daughters' birthdays and as birthday presents for my friends' kids.

I'll take pictures of what I bought. Be prepared to be jealous :D


azrin said...

along, just nak inform my change of blog @

5xmom said...

Kahkahkah, the ugly Malaysians in full glory. I have never been to a warehouse sales so I do enjoy getting all the ugly details from your blog.

Along said...

ah should go to one. Especially to a Wacoal or Triumph sale. Apparently Malaysian women, when it comes to their undies, they get very aggressive. All claws out!!

mumsgather said...

Hi Along. Fellow MMB member here. Now only got time to visit your blog.

Wah, your warehouse sale description damn scary. Haven't been to one in ages, forgotten the scene till reading your story.

joe said...

all claws outs even during undies warehouse sales? then you better go commando, no need to wait for sales to get bargain items.. :D

sakit tangan aku tampar belikat orang yg tulang lebih, isi tarak

Krissy said...

I await photos!

And next time you get a climber, make use of those elbows and knees. ;-)