Friday, February 18, 2005

To Catch a Thief

Apparently you need an aerosol spray. Coz that’s what hubby used to throw at the thief when he broke into our room.

Not in real life though. He dreamt it last night. And woke me and the kids up in the process with a VERY LOUD SCREAM.

If I wasn’t spooked out by the experience, I would have rolled on the floor and laughed myself silly at him.

Around 4am last night:


Myself: Jumped out of bed and ran to hubby.

Dania started crying, she was terrified. Kenapa Abah jerit?!!

Even Dina, in the next room, woke up. Thankfully she fell asleep after a minute of crying.

This morning I asked hubby, what the hell were you dreaming about last night? You nearly woke the entire neighborhood up.

Hubby: Orang mimpi pencuri masuk rumah. He came in though our bedroom window.

Myself: And then? What did you do?

Hubby: I tried to catch him. I threw the aerosol spray at his head but I missed. He got away. Damn!!

I’m trying very hard not to laugh.

Myself: And the scream was to...?

Hubby: Takutkan pencuri tu ler. He was going through our stuff

Well, at least I know I can depend on my hubby if a thief ever really breaks into our home. The least I can do is make sure an aerosol spray is ready at hand for such incident.


noresh said...

hahahaha... gelak guling2 aku!!

bard pun pernah camtu gak. tiba2 dia jerit "Heeeeyahhhhhh" then tangah dia melayang and elbows dia hentam dinding macam nak siku org. terkejut badak aku! pagi tu aku tanya aa what happen? dia cakap dia mimpi ada org nak mug me so tangan dia melayang aaa style jet li. muahahhahaha... lawak siut!! sib baik siku tak sangkut kat muka aku or zareef. kalau tak, sia2 je dpt black eye.

5xmom said...

hahaha, so action packed, the dream. Better to keep away the aerosal spray, just in case, ter-miss the target, kena kat you pulak.

Jesster said...

Hee! My husband keeps an ice axe under the bed. Happily he can't grab it easily in the middle of the night.

Along said...

Lilian: far no incident of me getting hurt in my sleep. But I'll put the aerosal spray in the kitchen, just in case ;)

Jesster: You're kidding, right? An actual ice axe?!! OMG, and he keeps it under the bed becoz....there are murderous dust bunnies under there?