Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Nightly Visitor?

Both hubby and I woke up at 8.30am today. We simultaneously cursed at the clock and jumped in the shower. Different showers :D.

Why is it the more you’re in a hurry, the more obstacles you face? Time tu le nak terberak, time tu le Dina wanted her milk, time tu le Dania chose to wake up in a very bad mood.

We arrived at the office around 9.36am. Dielah, how to become best employee like this?


Last night I experienced a very disturbing experience. How does it feel like to be “tertindih”? You know, some people claim, when they’re asleep, they feel like something’s sitting on them and they can’t move. I swear that’s what I felt last night.

The thing is, I was lying on my side. Usually people experience this when lying on their backs. But there I was lying on my side, when suddenly I felt like an enormous gush of wind had placed itself on top of me. I don’t know how else to explain it, but I know for sure that I just couldn’t move, not even a muscle. Add to the confusion, I heard a load rumbling sound, like I was suddenly in a tornado or something.

I tried moving my big toe (coz some people say, if you can move your big toe, the “thing” releases you and you can then move your whole body).

I couldn’t.

I tried screaming to hubby for help. I couldn’t even open my mouth.

I tried groaning loudly. I know I made some noise but I could hardly make it out over the loud rumbling noise that was still ringing in my ears.

After what seemed forever, the sensation finally passed. I tried moving my arms then quickly turned to face hubby.

He was sound asleep.

I must have stayed awake for at least 30 minutes, waiting to see if the “thing” would come back. I can’t say it frighten me; bewildered would be a better word.

I told hubby about this in the car this morning. He swore he didn’t hear a peek out of me last night.

I’m hoping tonight I get some quality sleep. I can do without anymore nightly “visitors”.


Krissy said...

Hey there, Along! What you describe happening, that used to happen to me constantly. I used to believe that I had actually found a moment where time effectively stopped and I was stuck.

The scariest thing is to try and scream and not be able to. Just thinking about it gives me the creeps.

When I started talking to people I was amazed at how common an experience it is. I guess what happens is that when we sleep there's a mechanism that kicks in that keeps us from moving. Otherwise we'd be up acting out our dreams.

Sometimes that mechanism misfires and our brain wakes up while our body is still stupified for its own protection.

The result is that "living death" crap that I hate hate HATE.

It's scary, but it's not dangerous. Supposedly if you just hang with it and try to go back to sleep for a second you reboot the system and come back online normally. I've had some success that way.

Gorgeous girls, by the way. Adorable. And thanks for stopping by SpeckBlog!

Anonymous said...

hey sis.. wat a late bloomer u r.. i had my 1st 'supernormal' thingy way back in our house in melaka.. da red misty face!! then again in our house in taiping.. the whispering voices!! plus dat wit ayah's n mama's xperiences, it runs in da family!! welcome home sis.. hee..

Kendra baby rawks!!


Along said...

Hi Krissy, thanks for the comment. Guess there may be a scientific explanation for it, rather than it being “ghouls” or “ghosts” sitting on you at night.

Angah, u never told me about the whispering voices. U spook me out lah!! Did you ever stop to think why those “things” visited you and not any of our other siblings? And stop fantasizing about Kendra. U need to get a life, bro.