Monday, February 14, 2005

General rambling...

For those of you who don’t know, engaged models Freddy and Kendra won the Amazing Race 6. Shucks!!!! I was so hoping it would be Kris and Jon. I’ve been cheering for that couple ever since the race started. So calm...and so positive. Sometimes I wish my relationship with hubby could be as good as theirs.

Anyhow, Amazing Race 7 starts in March. That’s right, mark your calendars everybody. I’ve been to the site and the teams look pretty interesting. Rob and Amber from Survivor: All Stars are competing so we can expect a lot of alliances and backstabbing happening. Hehehehe, all the things that makes reality TV such a guilty pleasure.


5 days of holiday and we did nothing. Our plan to go to Bukit Tinggi/Genting was cancelled because Dania got a bad cold. Wouldn’t have made sense to drag her to a cold place when she’s sneezing and coughing all the time.

Dania: Kesian Kak Long. Kak Long selsema. Uwek...hingus!!!

Anyhow, I finally made some progress with my jigsaw puzzle. The problem is, once I’ve started it’s hard to stop. The other day, I was so concentrated on doing the bloody thing, I forgot to eat breakfast AND lunch. Tengok tengok, dah 2pm. Sheeesh...Hubby says it’s becoming an unhealthy obsession. I told him, the sooner I finish the puzzle, the better. So far, I’ve figured out where 200 pieces go. Only 4800 to go.


Ani wants to go back home in April. For those of you who have not read my previous entries, Ani is my maid. She’s been with us for nearly two years and I love her to bits. The kids love her too, which to me is most important. She wasn’t planning on leaving but it seems her parents want her to come home. Hubby is pissed, so is mom. Mom says Ani’s folks are acting pretty selfish cause so far she’s the only major financial contributor to the family. If she goes back home in April, she ends up the same way as when she first arrived. All her money for the past two years has already been passed over to her family. I tried talking to her, told her to stay at least for another 2 more years, so she could save up some money for her own self. But it seems her mom “tak sanggup” to take care of her younger siblings all by herself, so Ani is going back home to help her mom with the housework.

I’m pissed too but what to do. I’m hoping to get another maid ASAP, hopefully one that is as reliable as Ani. Nowadays you just can’t tell with these maids. They come to your house, all innocent and all, next thing you know, they’ve made off with some jantan from who knows where. Worst still if you’ve got young ones at home. Nauzubillah if anything would happen to the kids, I’ll personally sembelih the maid!!

I’m still hoping Ani will change her mind. Maybe solat hajat bagi sejuk hati parents dia ok kot. Sigh...


Anonymous said...

I also support Kris&Jon and they were sooooo close!

Jelesnya... I dah lama tak main jigsaw puzzle. mana u dapat 5000 puzzle tu?


Along said...

Beli kat Precious Thots, Sunway Pyramid. I think it's gonna takes me another 6 months to finish, seeing how I only get to work on it during the weekends. Weekdays, the puzzle just rests under my bed...hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Kendra rawks!!
Only beautiful ppl sud win amazing race..


Along said...

U suck angah. Yes, I know that's u.

Kendra mengada. So the very typical model type. Tak larat.

But I guess, u like that type ke? *hint*