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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Drying Up!!

Arghhhh!! (Notice, this has not been a good day). I think I’m drying up. Why is it only 2 days ago, I could pump out 4 oz of milk but today I had to squeeze..literally squueeezeee...and only got 1oz of milk?!!

I’ve read that stress and not enough rest are major factors to lack of breast milk. Am I stressed? Maybe. Am I not getting enough sleep? Definitely. Anyone with a new baby is bound to be comatose for the first 6 months.

Maybe I need to increase the number of pumping sessions. Or maybe I need to get new batteries for my breast pump.

Help!! I love breastfeeding. It makes me feel like The Amazing Mother. I wanna keep on breastfeeding Dina for at least another 2 more months.

Now I’m really am stressed!! I think I need a facial and a back rub. Real. Bad.


aapitz said...

Hmmm..saba long..!Kena banyakkan rehat ngan cukup tido rasernyer......
Amik laaa cuti..rilek2 kat umah tenangkan fikiran....gie spa ker....ehehhehe

noresh said...

here's a suggestion. makan lobak putih (parsnip) banyak2. my mom forced that on me almost everyday masa tengah confinement tu. alhamdulillah, susu aku melimpah2 sampai kadang2 tu terpaksa buang sebab zareef tak boleh nak minum byk sgt and i was able to breastfeed him sampai umur 2 tahun.

Along said...

Ahh...Tq for all your suggestions. Noresh, nanti aku soh abg belikan aku lobak putih tu. Aku ada baca jugak makan benda tu boleh increase our breast milk supply. Apit, kalau le ada masa nak pi spa...memang dah lama nak pi. Dari aritu nak pi buat facial..memula nak tunggu after beranak, ni Dina dah masuk 4 bulan pun, tak pi2 lagi. Emmm...

Hanz said...

Hei there Along! 1st time checking on your blog. I'm the one who activated your membership in MyMomsBest. Now, know-lah that u r Azlina by real name. BTW, do u diligently pumping? Religously following the fix routine?

Good that u decided to join us in MMB. Pendek cerita, drop-in there often & u'll find what u'll looking for. Trust me!