Friday, February 25, 2005

Would You Want Me as Your Idol?

Is American Idol on every night? It seems that every time I switch to Star World, its always on. Seriously, one cannot keep track. How many people are supposed to be on the show? 30? 50? How many are they suppose to eliminate? Why are the producers f---ing with the previous concept? Why am I getting so riled up about this?

One thing I can’t understand is how they "force" the eliminated contestants to sing “for the last time”. Man, if it were me I would be like “Seacrest, f--- you man! I’ve just been humiliated on national TV. I’m not gonna sing one more note for you, or for the freaking four people who voted for me.”

Then I’ll stomp off stage, all the while screaming on top of my voice “Just you wait! I’m gonna make me a CD some day. I’ll be famous!! I’ll be rich!! I’ll be ..... muffflifdbfs" (bodyguards come, place me in a straitjacket and toss me into the back of a van).

Now THAT would make great reality TV!!


It’s Friday. Ahhhh...that means tomorrow I can sleep in. Ah, but wait. Just remembered I promised Kak N to follow her to a warehouse sale. Have to be there by 9.45am since the gates open up at 10am. Must warm up for tomorrow’s mad rush with other “kiasu” parents. According to Kak N, it can get pretty wild at these warehouse sales...arms and elbows flying everywhere. Maybe I should wear a protective suit. Must remember to wear jogging shoes. No need to bring handbag, hubby’s credit card is enough....hehehehe.

For those of you who are interested, here’s what I’m talking about. If you see me there, carrying boxes and boxes of toys, just wink and move on.