Thursday, February 24, 2005

It's Thursday...

Early in the morning, got meeting already. Thankfully the mat salleh I was meeting very handsome. Hehehehehehe...(hubby, if you’re reading this, you are still way more handsome..ok?)


Been very busy lately. Haven’t had the time to update my blog eventhough there are so many things I wanna write about. Just a rundown of what’s been happening with the kids.

1. Dina rolled over!!! She’s so smart. :D The first time she rolled over, she was kind of surprised. The look on her face was like “what the heck just happened here?”. After that, she just wouldn’t stop rolling around. She was like...”now I’m on my I’m on my tummy!! On my back again...on my tummy again!!” It was hilarious.

2. Dania fell and bumped her head. HARD! I was upstairs praying when this happened. Apparently Dania was playing with the clothes basket, pretending it was a ship. She had climbed inside the basket and started to rock it to and fro, all the time going WHEEE..ANGIN KUAT...BOT NAK KARAM. And karam she did. The basket tipped over and Dania went down, backwards. She hit her head on the door panel then on the floor. My god, the screams that came out of her!! Only after much consoling from both hubby and myself (and 8oz of milk), did she quiet down. In fact, she fell asleep. Too much excitement for one day. I should have taken a photo of the bruise on her head, it was massive!! And red, coz the skin had been scrapped off. It was just too much for me to bear. I made sure Dania got extra hugs and kisses that night.


Plan to leave office early. Or rather 5.30pm on the dot. Have to go to Tesco to but fridge is damn empty. I swear I heard an echo when I opened it this morning. Sigh...


Krissy said...

Go magic rolling-over baby!!

Congratulations on your brilliant child!!