Friday, February 04, 2005

I'm sick!!!

I was on mc for the last two days. Caught a really bad case of the flu. At least, I hope it was just the flu. My nose was so stuffed up, I could hardly breath. The first night, I slept sitting up, coz it was just too painful to lie down. I vomited once. Man, I hope this isn’t denggi. Maybe I should just get a blood test to be sure.

Why is it no matter how many times I blow my nose, more snot comes out? How does it get produced so rapidly? It’s like there’s a Willy Wonka in my nasal canal and instead of chocolate, he’s urging the Oompa Wompas to produce snot.

More snot!! Put your backs into it men!! She’s blowing it out as fast as we’re producing it.

Stupid Willy Wonka. Stupid Oompa Wompas.

I stayed away from the girls as much as I can. Every time I had to hold them, I would frantically wash my hands with dettol beforehand. The worst thing to have is a sick child. Seeing them vomit after every meal is just so painful. Hearing them cough and sneeze breaks my heart every time.

I haven’t kissed my girls in 3 days. It feels very weird especially when I’m used to kissing and hugging them an average 50 times a day.

Sigh...cepat le sihat.


Anonymous said...

Here's another thing to make you stress
It's Oompa Loompas not Oompa Woompas...
Saje je kacau you...
Get well soon. Boleh la kiss your princesses...

Anonymous said...

Okla. Kita buat camni Oompa Loompa buat chocolate, Oompa Woompas buat snot.

Along said...

Argh...amoi!! You make me lagi stress!!!

OKlah, like what you said, Oompa Loompas buat chocolate, Oompa Wompas buat snot.

noresh said...

get well soon aaa... your oompa wompas really grosses me out!! yukkk