Tuesday, December 14, 2010


On 3 hours of sleep! Yesterday I had to take EL because Syazmin’s cough became so much worst, so bad that she couldn’t sleep because she was hacking all night long. I took her to the clinic where the doctor put her on nebulizer for 20 minutes. And what a harrowing 20 minutes that was! Syazmin hated having the mask on her face so much, she was balling her eyes out and twisting her body left and right, trying to get it off. I had to wrap my arms around her arms and legs while the nurse had to hold her head still. Poor baby. I had to take her for a second dosage in the evening but fortunately hubby was back from work, so this time he held Syazmin while I tried to keep the mask on her face. She was still coughing last might but at least she didn’t wake up every 30 minutes. Here’s hoping she gets better soon. Uwaaa...ibu needs her beauty sleep!!

Since I took the day off, I dropped by Dina’s pre-school to pick up her progress report book. All in all, the teacher didn’t have much to comment except that Dina’s lack of speaking English could be due to her friends who also didn’t speak much English when conversing with each other. I doubt this will change when she goes to regular school next month so I’ll have to pick up the slack by speaking to her in English more often at home.

We also stopped by the book store to get all the books needed for next year. God, can’t believe I spent over RM200 for the girls on their school books. Make me wonder how the low income families are coping, especially those with multiple children in school.

I then took the girls to get their hair cut. Dania was mighty reluctant; she wanted to keep her hair long. I told her she could keep her hair as long as Rapunzel once she started earning her own money and living on her own. She failed to see my point and continued to pout while the hairdresser cut her hair to a manageable length.

I spent the rest of the day, looking after Daria and checking her breathing. Once hubby had put her down for the night, I started on my FM assignment. Crap, that shit is due in 2 weeks!! You’ll think having to type out one page of answer for each question would be easy enough, especially when the font size is 13 but helltotheno…apparently not when you’re surviving on 5 minutes of sleep.


J.A.D said...

i hear you babe! same here...