Friday, December 03, 2010

Wedding in Ipoh

Last Saturday, the girls and I went up to Ipoh for my SIL's baby sister's wedding. We followed my parents who took my aunt and uncle. My 3rd brother drove us up in my mom's car because I was too lazy to drive.

Eventhough we got out of the house rather late (around 11am), the traffic was minimal and we reached the wedding at around 1pm. After doing the usual salam-salam, we headed out to the tents for lunch.

The food was rather special; plain rice on one side and chicken rice on the other. Of course, most of us went for the chicken rice. We also had cendol and some really great fried bananas. When it got crowded, we headed inside to see the pelamin and the bride's bedroom.

Here are some pictures of the girls on the pelamin.Those are lollipops they have in their hands. Every kid got one. I love the chairs...they were really big and fancy. Bak kata adik aku..."bontot Rosmah pun muat!!" Muahahaha...

Dina with a flower she found lying on the ground. "Quick, ibu. Take a picture. I'm Rapunzel!"

I dunno why...but I feel like Dania looks so grown up in this photo. She's going to be nine next year!! Gasp! That's practically a tween!!