Friday, December 10, 2010

Late Night

Just came back from class. We had a replacement class because the lecturer wanted to have a long Christmas break. Apparently he plans to get pretty wasted during the holidays, hence the need for a longer period to get sober. Hah! Just kidding. Dude doesn't even celebrate Christmas, I dunno why he would want to not have class on the last week of December.

Anyhow, because I had class, I had to miss my cousin's akad nikah which sucks big time. The reception will be tomorrow, so we'll be heading over to Melaka early tomorrow morning to help out with whatever needs to helped with.

Hubby is still at work. Sucks to be him, having to work late on a Friday nite. Dude just sms'ed "will be back late. Sleep first. Don't wear anything."

Hahahahaha...sorry to burst your happy thoughts but it is that time of month. Yeah...guess someone will be doing some "manual" work when they get back.

I still owe my blog on our potluck lunch we had last week and also the family outing on Monday. Maybe later. Till then, have a great weekend everyone.


shahzwar said...

ahem. next time let's have class pics. ahem.

Aunt Juicebox said...

Hope everything is going well on your end of the planet!