Friday, December 24, 2010

YB, Goat, Monkey

This is Joe. Apparently he's aiming to be the next YB of....somewhere. Met him for lunch last Thursday. Beria aku dok carik orang pakai selekeh kat restoran tu, tengok2 member pakai batik. Muahahahaha...agak lama aku menggelakkan dia. What to do, gomen staff. Hehehe. I told him to pose and he gave this "Dato' YB sedang bagi ceramah" action. Hampeh.
This is a goat. One of the many goats we went to visit during our field trip last OM class. Surprisingly, the goats were very clean and did not smell as bad as I thought they would. In fact, they were rather cute. The baby goats were adorable, almost made me want to have one as a pet. Heee.
This is my cheeky little monkey. She's so big now. She makes me laugh everyday. She calls me "ibu" now, which just melts my heart everytime I hear it. I could snuggle up to her and smell her sweet smell all day long. Wish I could keep her this small forever. *sniff* Please don't grow up so quickly.


Unknown said...

Salam Along:

Saya buat industri ayam untuk Accounting and final paper... Mulanya segan sebab group lain buat tajuk yang canggih.. But learnt a lots...
Btw: Buku ganti hari tu Along dah terima?.. Sorry ya sebab susahkan Along... and Thanks again...