Saturday, December 04, 2010

Dina's Concert & Why I Need A New Camera

Last year, I had trouble getting pictures of Dina at her concert. This year, the same thing happened again.

We arrived at the venue rather late. Hubby had sent Dina there earlier in the morning as all the students had to be there by 7.30am. Parents were suppose to arrive around 8.30am. We got there at 9am, just in time for the speeches. Yawn!!

There were 4 centers joining the ceremony so it was rather long, what with 4 performances from each center. Dina was in 2 performances; a Chinese dance and the choir.
Luckily I brought a book to the concert, so I read while the other kids were performing. Don't judge me, all the other parents were only interested in seeing their own kids perform too. Heeee. But I never forgot to give my mandatory clap at the end of each performance. Some were rather good, especially the dramas.

Below are some pictures of Dina during her performances. As always, Grade A photos!!
Awesome!! You can almost make out her features.
Another great shot!! This was her in the choir singing a CT Nur song. Don't ask me about the 2 angels in the front; they were a major theme throughout the concert.
Super shot!!
Dania and En Rashid sitting upstairs. Initially we sat in the hall downstairs but quickly moved up thanks to....
...all the kiasu parents who wouldn't listen to the organizer and insisted in standing up front and center to take videos of their children performing (circled in red). Dude, your kid is not the only one on stage. Get your butt out of our faces and move to the side!! A**holes!!
Dania with a cupcake she bought at the venue. Those things cost RM2 per piece and were mighty sweet! I gave her RM10 and she went and bought 5 of them. Then grumbled to me about them being too sweet. Grrr...
Dina's picture during the graduation slideshow. Grrrrr....
Dina, taking the prize for getting second in her class. is with my camera...I give up.
Here's Dina at home, posing with her prize and graduation folder.
And here she is with her graduation certificate and photo.

Congratulations Dina!! Here's going to real school next year.


Anonymous said...

aku pun tengah usya camera. compact digicam nikon yang ada ni dah almost 9 years, siap kena gelak and ban time balik raya kat muar itu hari hahaha

Along said...

TOAJ: Itula..aku banyak benda tengah usya ni. Tunggu duit je..kot2 ada yg ngusya aku...hahaha.

Anonymous said...

kalau tunggu yang ngusya ko, boleh dapat kot. jangan jadi macam anna nicole dah la, berebut dengan anak2 tiri lain hahaha