Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Reunion of Friends

The car is gone. Boo hoo!! Can’t write anymore on this; way too sad. Sigh, anggap ajelah takde rezeki. Uwaaaa!!


On a happier note, we had a very nice weekend. We didn’t do much on Saturday. Dania had her Yamaha concert practice over in PJ in the afternoon so after dropping her off at practice centre, hubby and I decided to check out the new Digital Mall next to Jaya supermarket.

(Side note: I seriously cannot find my way around PJ. It’s like a maze and all the street numbers are scattered all over the place. Even Jaya Supermarket (which used to be a prominent PJ landmark) is unrecognizable and almost hidden from view.)

Anyhow, the new Digital Mall is similar to Low Yatt. Digital cameras, camcorders, printers, laptops, the usual stuff. Hubby was looking for a sound card for ayah’s busted up PC. In the end we found ourselves in a store selling (illegal?) DVDs. Hubby was tempted to buy Season 5 of “24” but then decided against it. We toured the place (I was bored stiff, I am so not a gadget person), and went back to pick up Dania at about 6.30pm. They were still practicing so hubby and I did our asar prayers at the surau nearby. Practise finally ended at around 7.30pm. Dania was happy but visibly tired. We all decided to call it a day and head back to my parents’ house.

The next day was our much anticipated pot luck reunion with some old friends we hadn’t seen in a long time. We were supposed to be at Lin’s house at 11am but due to unforeseen circumstances, we arrived nearly an hour late. Fortunately we weren’t the only ones late; only Liza and Ami were there. Seeing how we had all skipped breakfast, we all dived in the lovely food Lin had prepared.

More dear friends made their way to Lin’s house. Noresh and Bard with their children, Zareef and little baby Zahra. Zahra - so chubby!! Awin and Elly, minus their son Adam (tsk..tsk). Tun and Syirin and her bulging tummy (congrats!!!). Desperately solo Maarof (hehehe). Ustaz who brought his B-I-L coz the missus was working. Yus who brought his two kids, awfully shy (the kids, not the dad).

The food was plentiful. In addition to Lin’s delicious nasi lemak, Liza brought cheesecups (cheesecake in little cups, so cute), I brought pengat labu (pumpkin) and pisang (bananas), Tun brought KFC (my kids went YEAH!! seeing the boxes of chicken!), Maarof brought “halal” wine (sparkling juice, in other words), Noresh brought brownies (sedap giller). I can’t remember what Elly, Ustaz and Yus brought to the table but even if they didn’t bring anything, we had more than enough.

I had initially planned to stay only until 2pm (since we had to check in for Dania’s concert at 6pm) but we all had so many stories to share and so many memories to laugh about. So at last, we stayed until 4pm. Itupun tak puas lagi.

Lin, thank you so much for opening up your house to us all. Terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali boleh buat lagi. To liza, thanks for the Taebo DVDs. Hahahaha, ko sungguh memahami jiwaku.

So guys, when’s our next reunion?


noresh said...

btw, the brownies are available for orders if anyone wants them (hehehhe... sorry ye long. aku buat promo sket). kena la carik extra income kan since dah jadi SAHM nih...

i had a great time too. it's like tak habis2 bercerita. i'm so glad we did this. should really do it more often kan! what with the banters going back and forth, the kutuks, the gossips, the discoveries... hahahah... byk betul nak cover.

ps: mil aku cakap ko nye pengat pisang sedap. slurrrppp gitu!

lin said...

hehe no prob.. kalau next time nak pakai rumah aku pun boleh .. love the kids running and jumping all around.. kalau tak aku berdua je kat rumah tu.. we plan to move the tv downstairs so kids boleh tengok cartoon as well.. tak ler boring like zareef keep on telling her mummy "dah la tu mummy.. jom la balik".. haha

nasib baik aku bagi korang semua tapau.. itupun sampai malam pun kitaorang tak habis makan ..

err.. aku pun tengah nak start buat bisnes.. tapi tunggu dululah.. let me tell u girls once im ready..