Monday, January 29, 2007

In This Case, There's No Such Thing as A Nice Surprise

I’m so mad. So pissing mad. I’m angry with my parents and angry with all car salesmen around the world. I don’t care if you claim you are honest or not; usually the title “salesman” does not jive with honesty. They don’t even belong in the same sentence.

“Hi, I’m an honest salesman. I’m here to sell you something without trying to extort your hard earn money by cheating or lying through my teeth. In fact I’m afraid to do so, in case little fluffy bunnies all the around the world die due to my dishonesty.”


My parents bought new cars. Both of them. I’m not mad about that; they are entitled to enjoy the fruits of my dad’s labor. They both deserve it; in fact I wish they would both buy BMWs or any other luxury high-class cars like that. But being my parents, both of them stood loyal to Honda so my dad bought a new Accord and my mom bought the new Civic.

We knew about my dad’s intention to trade in his old Accord for a new one. We didn’t know my mom was going to do the same for her old Civic.

I want her old Civic!! I can’t believe my dad agreed to trade in the car for a measly RM40K!! I checked the Internet and the market price for the car is at least RM57K.

Now the Honda dealer is stuck in the middle. To him, it doesn’t make much different, my parents are still going to buy the new car. Thing is, the dealer promised my mom’s old car to this 2nd hands car salesman who of course, hearing that the car was going for RM40, grab at the opportunity to buy it. Now the dealer won’t let the issue of my dad promising the car to him go. Thank god the car is still with my parents. However, the car grant is with the dealer. Why, O why did my dad give the car grant to him?

I want that car. I don’t care if the dealer makes a big huuhaa over it; I’m not allowing my parents to sell that car for only RM40K. I’m not letting my parents sell that car, PERIOD! I told my dad to tell the dealer, he can be assured of his money for the new car, he will still get RM40 in cash. Only not from the 2nd hands car salesman, but me.

I’m hoping everything goes well between my uncle (my rep in this negotiation, not that he’s much of a rep anyway) and the car dealer. I don’t think the car has been reregistered under the dealers’ name. If it has, there’s going to be even more hassle getting out of this deal. I’m standing by the phone for updates as I type this. This is excruciating!!

Lesson learned by my parents: Always discuss big matters like this with hubby and I. There’s no such thing as a nice surprise when you find out you’re being stiffed by a salesman whose making at least RM10K on air.

Pray that I get to save my mom’s car from the salesman’s grubby hands. Rasa macam putih mata bile pikirkan hal ni. Grrrrr….


Syikin said...


saya tolong doakan utk awak.

hazel said...

pecite? dah 2 hari since your last post.. just hoping the best for you.. amiin.

Along said...

Syikin, Hazel: Terima kasih le doakan. Alahai, camne nak buat...salesman tu begitu pantas sekali tukar nama...uwaaaaa. Putihnya mataku pikirkan...sob.

noresh said...

aisey long... if not, u'd be driving a civic now albeit the older model but still a honda nevertheless. haiyoooo... aku yg baca ni pun sungguh hanginnnn