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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dania's First Two-Wheeler

Last week was another milestone for Dania. Hubby decided she was big enough to try to ride her bike without the training wheels. See how this was hubby’s idea and not anyone else’s? If the girl falls down bad and hate the person who did this to her, that person would be hubby. Not me. Hehehehe…

It proved to be a trying process. For one thing, Dania didn’t trust hubby enough that she wasn’t going to fall. Yeah right, of course you’re going to fall. I remember when I taught myself to ride a two-wheeler. The cuts and bruises I got were plenty but the first time I rode down the hill near our house without falling off was exhilarating!!

Hubby spent 20 minutes pushing Dania around and teaching her to balance the handle bars. Somehow everything she had learned before went out the window. She forgot how to peddle, how to sit properly, etc.

Nevertheless, Dania tried her best and in the end she did manage to peddle a bit without falling off. Yeah!!!

Apparently, the best way to teach is by demonstration. Hehehe...


ajab booboo said...

Dania's daddy on her bicycle looks like one of those circus clowns on that tiny bike. Hehe!

Hope Dania learns to ride well. I wonder when me and my brother will get to ride our own bikes.

Along said...

Hehehe...yeah, he does look like one of those circus clowns, doesn't he?

Dania is still struggling but hopefully she'll get the hang of it soon.

Kaklong said...


lamanya saya tak dtg sini.

alfatihah utk arwah Yus. Ya..mmg org yg disayang pergi, kita akan kerinduan yang amat..saya dah laluinya. BErkat doa kita dan sgala amalan kebaikannya, insyaAllah, dia bahagia di alam sana.

best ada ruang laman yg luas dan besar, senang utk anak2 ebrmain esp. basikal