Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Need To Exercise!!

Not to say that I’m fat because I’m not. I might feel fat sometimes but I know when I look in the mirror, some scrawny kid looks back at me. However, like all women of the world, I think my thighs are too heavy and my stomach is kind of bloated. If I could sculpt my own body, my heavenly breasts would be (at least) two cups bigger, my stomach would have a six-pack and my thighs wouldn’t rub together like I’m trying to start a fire between my legs.

Therefore for 2007, I decided that I would start to exercise again. Better yet, I would start doing TAE BO!!

I used to do Tae Bo during my University days (what was that, 7 years ago). I had tapes, Tae Bo by Billy Banks. Billy was my personal trainer, my boot camp instructor. He taught me that my body is my temple and that the only thing stopping me from doing 50 pushups was a weak mind. Billy pushed me and pushed me and I LOVED IT!!

I still have my tapes, somewhere, but I have no idea if they still work. One thing I do know is my VHS player doesn’t!! So I went online searching for the DVDs.
Billy Blanks' Tae-Bo - Instructional Workout, Basic, Advanced, 8-Minute Workout. I found them at!! Then I found out that they are no longer in stock. NO!!! Bring me back my Billy!!

Does anyone know where I can find these DVDs? I know Billy has other Tae Bo DVDs but I know for sure that these DVDs work and, most importantly, are fun.

Sob, sob…until I find my Billy, I’ll have to make peace with my body. Or start running up and down the stairs instead.


hazel said...

Same feeling here.. tp tu la, ingat nak trim lepas dah tutup kilang.. tp ntah bila la tu.. apa2 hal pun along, all the best in finding ur DVD.. mak mmg tak reti nak bagi suggestion sbb most of the time mmg cari kat je. Hehehe

TheOtherAJ said...

heavenly boobs??

fat thighs?

Along said...

Hazel: Mesti exercise!! Bukan sebab gemuk tapi I feel so out of shape. Hari tu dok ajar Dania naik basikal pun dah termengah2. Isy, when was the last time I actually ran, dah tak ingat dah..hampeh sungguh.

TOAJ: Yes, HEAVENLY!! Did I say fat? No..not fat...but extra large..hehehe...

TheOtherAJ said...

yes yes.. they were heavenly..

alah.. kau nak kuruskan banyak mana lagi? kang sampai tahap kate moss, that'll be gross

liza said...

Oit..aku ada. Mau copy ka?

Along said...

TOAJ: WERE heavenly? Still are lah brader. Hehehe..
Manade kurus macam Kate Moss. Setakat America's Next Top Modal jer..

Liza: NAK!!! Ko ada DVD dia ke? Mana ko jumpa?